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PerfectGuyz brings us fit, athletic amateur guys in their 20s -- muscular jocks and well-built guy-next-door types. Site owner Zack Asher says on the tour that PerfectGuyz has been re-invented with a focus on couples, sounds exciting. We haven't heard much from this site in a while, and we haven't reviewed it since April 2008, so we thought it was time to get back inside and see what's happening.

PerfectGuyz doesn't necessary set out to define the perfect guy, but rather Zach Asher's goal was to find handsome and sexy guys and film them for his members and let them decide whether they thought they were perfect or not. To that end, you'll find a variety of studs on the site: muscle guys, cute college jocks and athletes. The guys are mostly in their twenties and sporting athletic to muscular bodies, some are more ripped and chiseled than others, but they're a pretty sexy-looking bunch.

Most of the models are amateur guys, but there are a few regular porn performers, as well; a lot of these professional guys were just getting their feet wet when they filmed with PerfectGuyz, so they were considered amateur. Marcus Mojo appears as Landon Mycles, and performers like John Magnum, Donny Wright, Rod Daily, Steven Daigle, Bobby Clark, and Girth Brooks also show up in the ranks of hot guys.

When PerfectGuyz opened a few years ago, most of the action was jack solo off. Sometimes we'd find a horny guy in the shower or just sitting back on the couch stroking his dick. From time to time the site filmed a couple of guys swapping blowjobs or fucking. Then, in 2011, PerfectGuyz relaunched with a new direction of filming couples; and they said they weren't abandoning the solo guy videos, there was just going to be fewer of them.

Unfortunately, the new direction never really got off the ground. Of the latest 24 videos, about ten of them featured couples and then PerfectGuyz stopped updating. The latest update on the site was in June 2011 and this is too bad because the site was looking pretty good with a fresh redesign and the guys were hotter than ever. But don't despair, there are still plenty of reasons to take a look at PerfectGuyz.

The PerfectGuyz redesign saw the site abandon DRM protection, so now the site works for all users (MAC or Windows) and the downloadable videos are yours to keep. A handful of the latest videos are offered in downloadable WMV and MP4 and shown at 1280x720, but most of the site's library of movies come in at 640x480. The very oldest 50 or so videos play at 320x240. The quality is average to good, some of the oldest videos are a little on the fuzzy side, probably due to older compression technology. The newer videos are definitely better quality. All the videos can be streamed on the site in a Flow Player at 660x380 and they play well. All total, there are 300 videos on the site.

Each of the episodes also comes with a gallery of pictures. You can download a zip file to enjoy later, or you can view them online in galleries. There's no slideshow, but the pictures display at 600x840 and are good-quality digital stills. Some of the episodes also have a separate interview reel, and I like these because I always like learning a little more about the guys I'm watching. But even without interviews, each guy comes with an extension bio and stats section.

There wasn't much I didn't like about the site, they have a great selection of guys. I'd like to see the older videos re-encoded in at least the 640x480 size so they match the rest of the inventory. And sadly, the lack of future updates means that your stay at PerfectGuyz is going to be short.

Perfect Guyz is a good site and you'll enjoy the good-looking guys and their sexy athletic bodies. The site redesign cleared up many of their old navigation problems and issues, and they dumped DRM protection; weekly updates would definitely breath fresh life into PerfectGuyz in a hurry. Still, with 300 videos to watch or download, there's plenty to keep you entertained and turned on for a month-long membership. Why not check out the tour and see if you can find your perfect guy?

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