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Pegging Trainer focuses on guys getting "pegged" by aggressive women wearing strap-ons. The guys here are mostly cute white guys in their twenties who are good looking but in a boy-next-door way rather than the kind of handsome that turns heads. Most have nice bodies that are fit and sexy but aren't particularly muscular. The guys seem very into having a good time, and are more than willing to eat pussy, as well as getting their asses fingered and fucked by chicks wearing rubber cocks. Some of the male performers had to stroke themselves pretty enthusiastically to get hard while they were being pegged, but all the ones I watched got hard and shot their loads after taking an anal pounding.

When it comes to the action, let's talk more about the actual strap-on scenes. These are duos (or sometimes trios or more) featuring one guy and one or more girls. While some of the descriptions and even the site name may make it sound like these are dominant females overwhelming a male sub, in reality most of the scenes I watched were sort of general hardcore action starting off sometimes with a little romance or the woman teasing. All the guys do get fucked by a woman wielding a plastic dick, and you'll also find cock sucking, ass fingering, and some women also get fucked. There's kissing in some vids, fondling, a little bondage and a little handjob action. In some vids the man may take on two women with strap-ons at a time or even more.

The rest of the videos are completely different. These are solo videos featuring either one or two women who address the viewer, telling him how she'd fuck his ass with a strap-on dildo or teaching him how to suck cock. Some of the women are wearing the strap-ons and standing over the camera, telling the viewer he must suck that rubber dick. There's some videos that include verbal humiliation, as well. I didn't find the women to be hardcore dommes, but rather amateur chicks who want to assert their power over men.

Pegging Trainer offers 39 videos, but the most recent was added about six months ago, so I think it's safe to say that this site no longer updates. The videos are offered for download in MP4 and 3GP formats, the MP4s sized at 1280x720 plus 2 smaller sizes for mobiles, and the 3GPs good for those with older mobile devices. Streaming MP4s are also available. Overall video quality ranges from average to decent, and sound is fairly good for amateur productions, although don't expect much talking other than "Oh, oooh, OOOHH!" The videos are DRM-free full scenes.

Each video comes with a set of screencaps. These are sized at 1280x720, and are fairly decent quality for screencaps, although you will run into the occasional blurrier pic. While there are no slideshows or downloadable zip files, you can save individual pics easily enough.

Members also get access to seven bonus sites from the same network. Some, like Bisexual Trainer and Sissy Instruction, are all about women taking control and men giving in sexually, plus those solo videos where the women talk to the viewers. There's a site called Your Gay Fantasy, partly gay action and partly women addressing the viewers again. Chastity Trainer is a site where the women talk about how they own your cock and that you can only use it with their permission. And there's a straight interracial cuckolding site. Finally there's CEI Trainer, where women talk to "you", the viewer, about eating cum. All in all an interesting and odd collection.

Now we come to issues. Most important, and already mentioned, is that this site no longer updates. There's also a pre-checked offer on the sign-up page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site membership when you join this site. My next complaint is something that really annoyed me - there are cam girl ads listed in with the videos and the bonus sites so that they appear at a glance to BE content or sites. I would also have liked to see the videos at better quality. And last, some of the videos - particularly the solo female vids - seem to be from other sites from the same company and don't have any actual strap-on action, just a solo chick wearing lingerie and a strap-on talking about sex or humiliating you.

Pegging Training puts the focus on male asses penetrated by women wearing strap-on dildos, but there are also "instructional" and humiliation videos of solo women talking to "you" about things like learning to suck cock or getting fucked by her strap-on. There are 39 videos that can be downloaded to your computer, streamed so you can watch without downloading or viewed on your mobiles. While the site no longer updates, members get access to a collection of bonus sites. All in all an interesting niche, but I would have liked to have seen more content.

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