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Pegasus Studios opened a little over two years ago and it's still producing updates, and these days features mainly regular porn performers. "Find all the men you could ever want and definitely need from twinks to hunks, tattoos and big dicks". Sounds hot, so let's head inside and see how things are coming along.

The guys at Pegasus Studios are a mix of amateurs, newcomers, and porn performers who are in their twenties with slender to gym-fit bodies, some a little more muscular. Not all the guys are smooth, but many are; a handful are sporting tattoos and some are heavily inked. You'll also find porn stars on the site like Kayden Gray, Billy and Seth Santoro, Sunny Colucci, Brian Bonds, Killian James, Angel Rock, Ray Han, Logan Vaughn, Chris Bines, and AJ Monroe.

The action features guy-on-guy sex and solo jack-off sessions. When the site first opened most of the action was masturbation, but these days they're offering more hardcore with only one solo in the latest ten videos. When it comes to the sex, you're looking at guys sucking and fucking in home and hotel settings. In one movie, Alejandro Vez and Billy Santoro are necking when the scene started, then they swap blowjobs, and finally they bend each other over the couch and fuck. In another video, two guys are kissing in the shower, then they towel off and head to the bedroom to fuck. A couple of guys fucked in a locker room and there were a few scenes where the action started off with a massage.

There are 52 solo jack-off sessions, which amounts to about half of the scenes. Some of the guys plays with dildos, but most of the models are simply jerking their cocks. However, I did see one guy sucking his own toes. These scenes range from two to 15 minutes.

Pegasus Studios offers 104 videos. The videos are downloadable MP4s, and the site has definitely stepped up their game with better encoding and higher quality video cameras. Older vids suffer from interlacing problems, but the newer vids are much clearer. Some movies come in two sizes, others three, and still others are offered in four sizes, but there's no standard. For instance, one large video comes in at 1288x720 another at 1280x720; close, but not exactly the same. And a few videos have a supersized version at 1920x1080. The older episodes are decent; the newer are better quality with decent lighting and sound.

Some of the episodes have picture sets, others don't; all total there are 82 picture galleries. The pictures are mostly digital stills and sizes vary here, too, and come as large as 904x1360. The site uses a cryptic viewer with options that appear only when you click what you think is a forward arrow, instead a menu flies open from the side of your browser and from here you can save the picture, move ahead, or start the slideshow. And if you want to close the viewer, you'll have to click your keyboard's Esc key. It's cumbersome. On the thumbnail gallery page there's also a link to download a zip file. A lot of the pictures have been treated with Instagram type filters that do "super cool" things like add mist or blurs or render them with sepia tones, along with various other things that appeal to frustrated artists. Just give me the pictures, please.

There are a few problems with the site. Most important, the site stopped updating in late 2016, and there has been no new content added since then. There is a mechanism to sort the movies by a number of pre-loaded tags, but it didn't work. These tags also appear at the top of each episode's page, but when I clicked @billysantoroxxx, it only gave me one video even though he's in several.

Pegasus Studios has improved since they opened almost two and a half years ago. The video quality has definitely gotten better. The thing is that videos themselves aren't bad - who doesn't like watching guys jacking off and fucking? But the site still gets in its own way with their lack of updates updates and the video and picture sizes. And they spend time running pictures through "cool" filters when they could better use the time to produce more content. These technical difficulties aren't insurmountable, this site just needs to establish a benchmark and stick to it. Overall I like the guys and enjoyed the sex, and I was happy to see the porn stars and that Pegasus Studios is producing more hardcore action than solo.

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