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Paragon Men focuses on muscle men, bodybuilders, well-built fitness models, and porn hunks ranging from their twenties to their forties. Packed with beautiful men, this site focuses on the male physique, the men stripping naked, flexing their muscles and showing off their ripped bodies, but some jerk off as well. Most men here are amateur bodybuilders and fitness hunks, but you will also find many famous porn performers with great bodies such as Phenix Saint, Darius Ferdynand, Ricky Larkin, Doug Acre, Angel Rock, JR Bronson, Christopher Daniels, Marc Dylan, and Derek Parker.

The men here sport a mix of physiques and body types. Saul is a handsome guy, a bit of a cub with face scruff and a furry body and he's got rolling shoulders, ripped abs and thick thighs; Saul has a thick cock with a flared head and he looks just as sexy from behind with a firm, meaty butt. Dream lives up to his name; he's a sexy black hunk with chin scruff and beefy, carved pecs and a shredded eight-pack. He's completely smooth and he's swinging a big dick. Dante is handsome, too, with massive shoulders and thick biceps, he's got a tattoo over his left shoulder and arm, and man, I'm getting turned on thinking about curling up in his massive arms. Blake is leaner, but still quite well defined. He's good looking, too, and unlike the others, doesn't trim his pubes, although his torso is smooth.

So you can expect lots of handsome, hunky men with strong bodies ... that's the good news. The not-so-great news is that Paragon Men is a bit messy and confusing when it comes to navigating the content. I can't tell you how many videos there are in the Paragon Videos section because some men have an interview, a video of their photo shoot and a jack-off video, while others just have a photo shoot clip, and more than 60 of the over 400 videos don't work. There's a sub-section called Penthouse that has semi-nude and nude galleries and some behind-the-scenes videos containing interviews or photo shoots, then under another sub-section called Penthouse XXX where you'll find jack-off videos.

The newest Paragon Men videos are offered in streaming MP4 format and play at 700x390, and while there's no download button for these, if you right-click the videos after you start playing them, you can save them at 720x404. The older videos are in streaming Flash in an embedded player at a default size of 700x390, but you can enlarge them to full-screen, although some don't fare too well, however you can't download these. The newer videos are good amateur quality, the older at amateur to good amateur and when they record the photo shoots, you will see a lot of camera flashes.

The owners of Paragon Men market the site as an online magazine and photography is the main focus. Each new magazine is simply called "latest issue" and contains photo galleries and videos, and only the older ones contain write-ups of several men. But none of these "latest issues" are dated, and even dozens of pages into the collection, each is still called "latest issue" with no dates or issue number to identify each issue.

On the navigation bar there's a Paragon Penthouse section where you'll find the 234 men, each with a photo gallery and a video of the photo shoot. The pictures are good quality digital stills with good lighting, and they display at 533x800 with between 20 and 40 images in a set. Generally speaking you can save the newer photos individually, but there's no zip files or hands-free slideshow. The older photos are smaller (458x645) open in a different viewer, and come with a hands-free slideshow, and you can save individual images. There are more galleries in the video section, but so many of these are broken that they're hardly worth talking about.

As I said earlier, the "latest issue" isn't dated, but neither is most anything else, so I can't tell if the site is updating, but there are some clues. The models on the latest gallery page include men who aren't really filming any longer, or very much anyway - guys like Leo Giamani, Ray Han, Eddie Cambio, and JR Bronson. As well, there's a blog called "Letters from the Editor" and it hasn't been updated since 2012. So while it seems that the site is no longer updating, I can't be 100% sure that it's not.

Paragon Men has a number of issues, some of which make it almost seem like the site owners never test their site, as most of these issues would be easy to fix. For example, there's an archive which lets you filter the content by month or year, but no matter which month or year you select, you never get any results. Also quite a few links to videos or photo sets are broken and lead to an error page. I regularly saw database errors appearing at the tops of pages. As well, our requests for a password went unanswered for months, so we finally bought one. This leads me to believe that the site is limping on auto pilot, but again, I'm not sure.

Paragon Men has some really impressive muscle men on their site as well as some fitness hotties, but it feels like the owners have lost interest. There's still plenty of sexy hunks here to keep you going for the length of your month-long membership, but I have no idea if they're adding new content and where older updates often including a description of the men, the newer ones don't. As Paragon Men offers some of the hottest muscled porn stars, bodybuilders, and fitness models on the web, I am sure that people who really love well-built male physiques will enjoy the men. Paragon Men is worth checking out, but perhaps grab a 30-day membership to limit your financial commitment.

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