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Out Personals offers a way to connect with other guys, gay or bi couples, groups seeking men (or the other way around) and transgenders seeking men or vice versa. There's a lot of guys here, from twinks to chubs, hairy guys and smooth, black, average, bodybuilders and the list goes on. The site says they have 1,110,834 members (wow!), and they list the number of members in the U.S. by state, in Canada by province, and otherwise by continent and country. There's a lot more listed members here than at other sites I've seen, which is pretty exciting.

Because I live in Southern California, there were more members located here than in some countries, and a large number of guys were online when I logged in. There were guys looking for guys or couples to join them on cam, men looking for boyfriends, submissive bottoms looking for aggressive tops, and guys looking to sext. There were lots more cock pics of members than I have seen in some personals / hookups sites, lots of guys looking to get off or hook up. There were even members looking for friends to go clubbing or hang out with.

The site has a couple of features I liked that were open to both free and paying members. First, are the Live Member Webcams, where I watched a few guys stroking their cocks on cam. The other feature is the Blog. Members can read and post in the blogs - although honestly they're not so much blogs are a forum, but if you're looking for a community to take part in, this is pretty good stuff. They're pretty busy and there are all sorts of topics, but rather than being several paragraphs long, most of the original "blogs" are a sentence or so that leads often to discussion between members.

Something handy is that you can create a preference profile so you can search with the kind of guys you're interested in. You can adjust your preferences regarding things like an age range, distance from your house, body type (from slim to bear), race, education and more. This is available for free as well as paid members, to help you find the men with interests, goals and looks that get you interested. You can also choose whether the guys you're looking for are smokers (and what kind of smokers) and drinkers, as well as whether they top, bottom or are versatile.

Now let's compare the free and paid memberships. Free members can browse personals, view sort of mini profiles and can do searches. They can also check their inboxes, however in order to reply to any messages in your Out Personals inbox, you have to upgrade to a paid membership. Free members can't view full sized pics or full profiles either, nor can they invite other members to friend them, add them to their hot list or flirt. Free members can, however, read and post in the blogs. Paid members can go anywhere and do everything, from viewing full profiles and friending buddies to checking out pics and videos, as well as the magazine.

There are a few issues worth mentioning. First, if you join for 3 months or a year and stay active (you can read details about this on the site), they'll give you a free month with the quarterly membership or 6 free months on top of the year. Next, there are spots here and there that offer a $5.95 per month membership, but that's actually an average - to get that price, you have to buy a year membership, which is over $100. And last, free members can expect to see notices to upgrade their membership in a lot of varied places.

There were definitely things I liked about Out Personals. First is the huge number of members; there are over a million, and they're all over the world. Next is the variety of guys, from slender to average to masculine men with big hairy bellies, and they come in all ages, races and types. I appreciate that free members get access to the blogs (well, they're forums, but that's even better) and the member live cams, where I found lots of members jerking off on cam at 9 pm PST. And yes, there were things I didn't like about this site (see the issues paragraph above). And while paying members get lots more they can do, and I only signed up for the free membership, I had fun, saw some hot guys and could definitely see coming back again to check out the guys.

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