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Oral BFs promises us gay blowjob action from every kind of guy imaginable - twinks and hunks, real boyfriends, amateurs, hung guys, first timers, and a few not-so-gay guys getting head. And your membership gives you access to 24 other sites with daily network updates and fast streaming. Sounds good, but do they deliver? Join me while I log into the members area and see what's on offer here.

The guys vary quite a lot, so expect everything and anything. On the homepage of the latest videos I saw a couple of twinks, plenty of studs with athletic and muscular bodies, a few hunks with big muscles, several hairy daddies, a few muscle bears and some other hairy men with bellies. All of the guys on the first page were white, but on the second page of videos I saw several black guys and one Asian performer. I also saw a grey-haired, older man and an emo, so like I said, everything. And likewise with ages, as you'll find 18-year-old guys and men up into their fifties or better, but overall, most of the performers seem to fall in the twenty to forty range.

And finally, and probably most important, these guys are amateurs. The premise of a BF site is that the videos and pictures are supposed to be user submitted, and while this isn't always the case here, the vast majority of the videos are amateur and homemade videos. But I did see some videos that have been pulled from DVDs, so not everything is amateur.

While you'd expect to see only blowjob action on a site called Oral BFs, you'd be wrong. There's definitely lots of cock sucking and even a few guys who can perform auto-fellatio, but there's also guys jerking off and getting fucked. "Daddy Sucking Outdoors" features an older man sucking a nice cock who's being filmed POV style, and the man being serviced tickles the cocksucker's dick with his toes. The man sucks and gulps, sometimes he licks the guy's nuts while man jerks his cock, and after about five minutes, the man finally unloads in the daddy's mouth. Another video features an Asian guy sucking a big-bellied man's dick, and still another has a blond college-age guy sitting on the bed while his clothed buddy sucks his big cock. 

You have to remember that these aren't studio pornos, so you're not always going to see the money shot as the guys love blowing their loads down hungry throats. But one cocksucker put on a good show and let the guy's load slide out of his mouth and down the still-hard shaft, then he spent another minute of so licking up every drop of jizz.

When you first log into Oral BFs you'll land on the network homepage where you'll find videos from 25 sites, but a quick click of this site's name on the sidebar will sort the videos so you're only seeing Oral BFs.

There are 349 videos inside Oral BFs. The downloadable MP4s range in size from 320x240 to 624x480, although there may be other sizes too. The quality varies as these are mostly homemade videos filmed with a variety of equipment, both indoors and outdoors in various lighting, and some have sound while others don't. You can stream the videos on the site and they play at 644x364, but the smaller videos have been enlarged to fit this player size, so the quality isn't always optimal. There's a full-screen option, too, but the results aren't the best. The videos are compatible with most mobiles.

There are also 240 pictures galleries with anywhere from four to 38 pictures each, and these are a mix of video stills or pics taken with digital cameras or cell phones. They come in all kinds of sizes and, as with the videos, they're amateur so the quality varies, but largely they're enjoyable. Sometimes a gallery has a series of pictures of one guy, but others have similar types of men like daddies or twinks. You can save the pictures individually or download a zip file. There's a picture viewer with forward and back controls, but there's no hands-free slideshow.

The site does update, but it's a haphazard schedule. I'm doing this review in late October 2017, and there have only been two videos added this month, but there were seven in September.

Oral BFs belongs to a network of 25 sites, and you'll get access to them all. It's hard to tell exactly how many videos because some vids appear in multiple sites, but I estimate there are close to 7,000 videos in this network. There are all kinds of men - you'll find twinks, emos, muscle men, bears, daddies, older men, black guys, Latinos, and Asian guys. There's a good mix of types and you'll find all the sites listed on the sidebar of the members area.

There are some things to caution you about. First, there are two pre-checked offers on the billing page that appear under the site terms, so they're easy to miss. Second, trial members probably get limited access, and trial memberships recur at $12 more per month than the regular monthly membership. Next, there are a lot of ads here including some disguised to look like content. In fact, there are 10 ads on the homepage, and every page has banners of one kind or another; in fact, an ad even pops up if you pause a video.

Most unfortunate, this family of sites plays fast and loose with their tours, so most of what you see on the tour including the men and the quality won't be what you find in the members area; if it is, it's going to be hard to find. And finally, there's a lot of duplication in the network, so if a grey-haired man is sucking a straight guy's cock, the video will likely show up in Straight BFs, Oral BFs, and Silver Daddy BFs.

Oral BFs features lots of blowjob action, although you'll find solos and some fucking, as well. The site has 349 videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, and you also get access to 24 bonus sites offering around 7,000 videos and weekly updates. If you like amateur content, you should be pretty happy with the offering here. And if you go in expecting a variety of content quality and videos that aren't HD, you won't be disappointed. The biggest draw, of course, is the network of 24 other sites that give you lots of amateur content in a variety of niches.

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