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No Condom Zone is a bareback site featuring what seem to be european amateur guys between 18 and 26 in action. The guys here are mostly uncut and fit, and the action shown on the tour is definitely condom-free. Potential members are offered access to a "HUGE library of exclusive videos" although there is no mention of any specifics, like the number of videos or frequency of updates. The video trailers look pretty good, and although they didn't play for me in Firefox, they play fine in Internet Explorer.

The No Condom Zone member home page is simple and seems like very little effort was put into the member area's appearance, unlike the colorful graphic tour. There's a short menu on the upper left corner with three selections: VIDEOS, PHOTOS and FAVORITES. Just below this are links to the bonus sites and on the right are the 8 latest video updates and 8 latest photo updates, each listed with a thumb, the names of the performers and the date added. Since this site is brand-new, the updates were all added in the last few days.

When you click on the VIDEOS link on the left, you are taken to the Exclusive Videos section. There are 43 videos here, and you will also see a link at the top of the exclusive videos page leading to the Video Library, where there are 12 more videos. Each video is shown by a preview thumb and names of the guys, and there's a big space on the right of each thumb where a description should go - but all that's there is the guys' names again and plenty of empty space.

There are currently 27 videos inside No Condom Zone. Each movie is shown in 7 clips of around 2 - 3 minutes each. The movies are WMVs and are shown in an embedded player in your choice of 3 speeds - 56k, 384k and 768k. The 768k videos (with an actual bitrate of 762k) are the biggest vids, shown at a screen size of 576x324. They look good, and are definitely the videos to go with if you want to go full screen, but for those on slower broadband, the 384k vids looks surprisingly good, too. They have an actual bitrate 395k and are shown at 384x216, and while they are smaller in screen size than the 768k vids, they are pretty sharp and clear. The 56k vids are fairly low in quality and suitable only for dialup users.

Although the videos here don't use DRM, which is a good thing, they aren't downloadable, which is always disappointing. The sound on the vids is okay, but don't expect much since the guys don't make much noise except in the last clip, and sometimes not even then.

No Condom Zone currently offers 43 pic sets, mostly shot during the videos. The photos are digital stills, shown at 600x900. They look good and cover most of the action well. One thing that I found a little annoying is that the link to the next page on each gallery page is at the upper right rather than the lower right, so after you've scrolled to the bottom of the page to check out the thumbs, you must remember to scroll back up again.

The No Condom Zone models are a group of guys who each get used more than once with different guys. For example, Andrew appears in one video with Kevin, in another video with Chris and also appears in a threeway with Mark and Jeff. The action in a lot of the videos is fairly similar. The guys embrace while dressed, then strip and start sucking. Once the sucking is finished, there's plenty of condom-free fucking. But there are some standout videos where the guys have great chemistry. Michael and Gordon have a lot of heat between them as do Marty and John. And there are several threesomes, as well.

In addition to the No Condom Zone videos and pics, members also get access to 4 bonus sites - Ass Toying, My Guy Creampie, Kyle Kravin's Amateur Videos and Females on Shemales, although why a shemales with women site would be part of a gay network is anybody's guess.

I'd love to see each movie offered as a downloadable full scene. Adding descriptions of the action would help members decide what to watch next, and would also fill those empty spaces. And while their claims of a "HUGE library of exclusive videos" are exaggerated, the site's 27 videos plus the exclusive bonus sites add up to a fair amount of content.

No Condom Zone currently offers 27 vids and 43 photo sets. As the site title indicates, all action is indeed condom-free, and there's plenty of uncut cocks here. Videos are not downloadable, but they are pretty good quality and are offered in 3 sizes of WMV clips. The pics are also good stuff. Members get access to 3 gay bonus sites with exclusive content as well as one shemale/female site. It's too soon to say how often this site will be updating. While some may prefer sites with downloadable movies, if you like the guys shown on the tour, you'll like what you find in the member area of No Condom Zone!

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