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Nightcharm offers a collection of third-party video feeds and "premium theaters" together in one big members area. There are 32 video channels in all providing us with all kinds of men from hairy hunks to Aussie amateurs and from bareback pigs to Asian lads taking loads on their faces. It's been over two years since we last reviewed Nightcharm, so they're overdue for another look.

You'll find a huge variety of men in the offering. There are a couple of channels featuring hairy porn hunks like Rear Stable and Fetish Force; there are a twinks at Teens & Twinks and more on the two Asian channels. You'll find plenty of jocks and athletic types, a couple of the sites feature older guys (think daddies, not grandpas), and there are some amateurs and new faces. And there's a mix of bareback and condom sex, guys sucking and fucking, solo jack-offs and raw gangbangs, and there's even some fetish sex.

Nightcharm's videos come from two main sources. There are 21 theaters, which are a fancy way of saying third-party video feeds. So what is a third-party feed exactly? Video feeds are pre-packaged video collections from a variety of producers that site owners can feature on their sites for a cost. Usually a site owner can pick and choose from the entire catalog of offerings and tailor the channels to beef up their own original content. But in the case of Nightcharm there is no original content; everything you find in the member area is leased. And if you've been a member of more than a few porn sites, at some point, you will have seen these video channels. The point is that they don't offer content unique to this site - think of it as a small Netflix of gay porn without any original productions.

So here's the wrap up on these. You'll find video channels with content from gay porn favorites like Rear Stable, Falcon Studios and High Octane; there are collections from porn sites like Hot Dads Hot Lads, Jake Cruise, Cyber Bears, Cocksure Men, Bare, Amateurs Do It, Fetish Force, On the Hunt, Straight Men, Bang Bang Boys, Sex Gaymes, Teens & Twinks, Laughing Asians, Dirty Boy Video, Boykakke and bareback sex from Ricky Raunch, Dirty Dawg Productions and Treasure Island Media.

Next, there are 11 "Unique Fetish Theaters" provided by Lucas Entertainment. "Marked Men" features inked hunks having sex, "Sprayed & Laid" gives us piss play sessions, and there are other channels called "Man Eaters", "N.Y. Gigolos", and "Rock Hard Rookies". There are 11 channels in total, each featuring anywhere from 26 to 174 videos segmented into similar themes from blowjobs to fucking, as well as fetish play. All total, there are 846 videos from Lucas Entertainment.

The videos play at 640x360 to 700x388 depending on the feed, and you can select one of three speeds, but I recommend choosing the high speed because it gives you the best quality, especially in full-screen mode. I can't easily tell you how many videos are available on the site because there's no easy way to count them. The Rear Stable theater, for example, has 415 videos, but Hot Dads Hot Lads only has 98 videos and Cyber Bears has 180 videos. I'm guessing based on seeing these video plugins on other sites that Nightcharm offers about 3,000 videos.

There used to be a lot more at Nightcharm like toons and erotic stories, as well as oodles of galleries, but they have all disappeared. The tour says, "Nightcharm publishes fun topics relative to gay men: Art, sex, humor, fashion, erotica and spirituality", but sadly, this is no longer the case. The price of admission gets you access to the video channels described above, period. There's also a pre-checked offer on the billing page that you'll want to read, because if you leave it checked, you'll be signed up for another membership. Good news is that it's easy to opt out of it.

As far as updates, many of the channels aren't adding new content because they're no longer producing videos. For example, Rear Stable adds a video once a week, but the latest scene is a jack-off video featuring Adam Champ, who hasn't filmed a new scene in years, and last week's video was a scene with Fabio Stallone fucking Angelo Marconi, both of whom have also retired from porn. Treasure Island hasn't added a video in two months, and even so, that was from a DVD produced in 2015. The other channels have fixed inventories and aren't adding to them.

I found there's just not that much at Nightcharm to hold me as a member. The site is a shadow of its former self, which is unfortunate because it was a fun site. To sum up, their entire member area is made up of third-party video channels that are available on other member sites, and with the lack of any original content of its own, there's just no compelling reason to join this site. Still, it's not expensive and there's a good library of videos here if you just feel like browsing a wide variety of streaming gay porn.

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