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AudatiousNitez is a real-life gay couple who like filming themselves having sex with each other as well as other guys, including several well-known players who have appeared on other black gay porn sites. The couple used to run a popular tube channel and say "We got so much attention that we decided to start Nasty Black Boys to share all our videos with you". They film their videos in Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta and Washington D.C. and it's been almost two years since they launched their site, so it's time to take a look and see what's new.

I can't tell you much about AudatiousNitez because most of the videos don't show much of their faces, but both appear to be in their twenties, in good shape with athletic and well-defined bodies and both sport good-sized dicks. The guys appear with several known performers, guys like Holliwud, Tae the Doug, Kyd Leo, Romance, Big Redd and YoungBlood, and they also sport pretty nice bodies and big dicks. But many more of the performers fucking with AudatiousNitez are nameless and faceless studs mostly referred to as "this dude" - if they're referred to at all. Often a video will simply be described without a specific reference to the performers like this: "We headed to the country in search of big dicks. This was the first one we found".

Because AudatiousNitez is a couple, many of the scenes are threeways, and there are a fair number of gangbangs with five or six guys. The scenes take place is a variety of locations; bedrooms or livingrooms, hotel rooms, bars and sex clubs. In "Three Freaky Tops, One Hungry Bottom", a cocksucker services three big black dicks in a bedroom and takes all three cum loads in his mouth, one at a time,  of course. And "Big Black Cock for a Mixed Twink" has a lad sucking one of the guy's dicks before taking it up the ass, so yes, there are duos, as well. There's the odd solo like the one with Tae the Doug showering, but these are few and far between. All the fucking is bareback, and it goes without saying that there's plenty of breeding as well as cum eating.

There are 176 exclusive streaming videos inside Nasty Black Boys, and these are offered in MP4 format. Each video is offered in a single size (although multiple qualities). The largest I found at 920x516 and the smallest at 290x478 (which, btw, was one of the newest); there are a wide variety of sizes, and some are standard widescreen while others play in portrait orientation, and these may have been shot on cell phones. The videos are amateur to good amateur quality, some with better lighting than others, and as the guy holding the camera is often involved in the action, there can be jostling, as well. But there are lots of times when one guy is filming his partner having sex with another guy, so we get some good cock-in-hole action. The videos are DRM-free and mobile compatible but are not offered for download.

There are 13 small picture sets, four more than on our last visit, and each set has between two and eight pics. These are amateur quality digital stills sized between 675x900 and 1200x1600, and as with the videos, the newer pics tend to be smaller than the older ones. While the pictures can't be individually downloaded, each set can be downloaded in a zip file. Each set can be viewed as a hands-free slideshow, which is found on the right of each pic on a console and is a bit cumbersome.

Nasty Black Boys offers a blog listed from both the member area and the tour so non-members can check it out, too. There are only five posts, the most recent from October 2016 (it's now April of 2018), but while the latest are just update stuff, the older includes a detailed "Sex Party Do's and Don'ts" well worth reading, and the second oldest is a hot sex story.

This site does udpate, and there have been 51 videos added in about 51 weeks, so the site is averaging weekly updates. There's no way to tell exactly when or how regularly updates are added, though, since dates are given as "1 week ago", "2 days ago", and four of the updates are dated "1 month ago". But the site is still growing.

Now let's talk about issues. The biggest problem for me is that some of the videos contain a giant watermark near the middle of the video that never goes away, sometimes covering cocks or even penetration. Even the smaller watermarks are bigger than usually found in member sites. Most of the action features headless guys with lots of close-up fucking, sometimes so close it's hard to make out what's happening, and I think a lot of viewers would prefer to see some faces. Yes, I like seeing a huge black cock plunging into a raw hole, but I like full views of the guys, too. We get glimpses of AudatiousNitez's faces, but even then I'm making an assumption that's who we're seeing. Besides, in the scenes featuring actual porn stars, why wouldn't you show their faces?

There is a full-screen mode, but the older videos don't go full screen, although they do get bigger.  I'd have liked to see model profiles and a clearer bio of the couple that calls themselves AudatiousNitez. And something that I'm beginning to see more of on member sites is that like cam models, there are links to tip (presumably to tip AudatiousNitez) where it claims that a $25 tip will get an previously unseen video for the tipper. Also, again like a cam model, there's a link to the Nasty Black Boys Amazon wish list.

A couple last things worth mentioning aren't exactly issues. The monthly, quarterly and half-year memberships are initially pretty reasonable prices, but they go up when they rebill. The monthly price is still a good deal, but the quarterly and half year prices both pretty much double when they recur. Also while not an issue, the half year price is several dollars lower on the biller's page than on the join page.

Nasty Black Boys gets a mixed review from me. On the one hand, I love watching amateur sex and cock-in-hole close-ups really turn me on, but that's almost all they show here, although the newer vids sometimes show more faces. There are some big black cocks and round black asses in barebacking, group sex and the occasional J/O session in 176 exclusive streaming videos (they're also mobile compatible), and while we can't tell exactly how regular updates are added, they average out to  once a week. I didn't love the lack of downloads, random video sizes and the intrusive watermarks. Even though there are no trailers, the tour can give you a good idea of what to expect from Nasty Black Boys, and if you like what you see, a month membership won't cost you much.

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