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Naked Frat House offers amateur American guys aged 18 to 38 in a mix of solo jerk-off and hardcore action. The performers here are both athletic jocks and Mr. Average guy-next-door types who might have a few extra pounds on them. Some of the models are hung and smooth while others are hairy; a number sport tattoos, some have uncut cocks while others are circumcised, you'll find a mix of slim and muscular; you never know who you are going to find until you flick to the next page of videos, though most of the guys appearing here are white, and there are just a few are porn stars. When I think 'frat house', I think 18 to 24 year old college guys, geeks, nerds, athletes, etc, but the guys in this dorm-of-dick are more like a collection of average guys from the street who are not always in your typical college age range.

While there's more solo action with some dildo and toy play, you'll find a good amount of duo action scenes and a few small group sessions. There are some interviews and some guys chat before they tease you, getting hard through their pants or shorts and then stripping. Other movies have basic set-ups and storylines: drinking games lead to sex, a game of dare-darts leads to sex - the the kind of fantasy stuff that you think might happen in a real frat house, but nothing too wild. These scenes come across as improvised from a scripted idea and look reasonably natural, yet you still have the feeling that you are looking at studio-made porn rather than having a voyeuristic look into a real frat house and what goes on there.

Naked Frat House offers 123 exclusive DRM-free videos The downloads are available in QuickTime and WMV at 640x360. The quality is a good amateur with decent natural sound and lighting, with movies edited to make them a decent length. Each video comes with a written description by way of an introduction. If you prefer, you can stream the videos, as well; they are offered in Flash format in a player sized at 640x360, with full screen being an option and the movies look decent when enlarged. Some videos have 'Live' in their title, and they look as though they were recorded live shows once upon a time.

Each video also comes with images, each set shown beneath the video player and description, so the pics are easy to find. There are 35 to 60 shots per set, and the actual pictures open in a pop-up, one at a time, to 800x591 or 800x450 in size. They pics are digital stills; most are clear and sharp at good amateur quality, but some of the oldest are blurry and lack sharpness. There are no zip files or slideshows, and browsing was a bit cumbersome, but you can download individual pics, and I found many images worth keeping.

There are no bonuses with the site even though the tour join page page states that there is a live show every week. What there is, though, is a link to a live cam site where you will need to register and probably need to pay to see full nudity or action, and while the cam site looks like it's a Naked Frat House site, in reality it's one of the most used live cam sites around with a Naked Frat banner on the tops of the pages.

Back on the site, you can comment on the content and leave messages, but this is the only interactive feature, there are no ratings, forum or favorites functions. There are some search options, though; there's a basic search box and also category lists where you can filter content by the models' age or physical attributes, sexual orientation or scene action. These searches result in titles that you then click and this function worked fine for me.

We last took a look at this site back in 2013 when there were 123 videos. Looking at it again today, there's an increase of five in about 18 months. There is a feature you can use to browse videos by the month in which they were posted, and the last month on this list was December 2012 - makes you wonder if they followed the Mayan calendar and thought the end of the world was coming so they stopped updating... The site has also not moved with the times in that the videos here are still only available in two mid-range resolutions and there is no HD and no MP4 videos.

Let's look at some more issues; first is the lack of updates, and the promised live shows are no longer occurring. There's a pre-checked email offer on the join page, and the secondary processor - which is handy, as it allows you to join via Paypal - is priced $5 higher than the primary processor. The QuickTime videos are packed in zip files for reasons I can't imagine, and the vids all have the same name, so you'll want to rename each after you download to avoid overwriting the videos you've already saved. The site has a pretty amateur look and feel to it, and there was some kind of advert plug-in that was not displaying the banner ads, but that's no great issue. However there are adverts for other sites listed with the content download links (which themselves look like adverts banners), so watch out for them.

Naked Frat House is a odd beast. It's got some pretty hot, mostly amateur guys who are natural in front of the camera, and the content is exclusive, featuring hot jerk off solos and horny hardcore sucking and fucking, too. Some of the 128 exclusive videos are recordings of live cam shows, others play out like auditions with model interviews, and still others are semi-scripted frat house fantasy scenes. The quality is fine, nothing dazzling but it all looks pretty good; full screen is okay, too, and there are basic downloads, but the site stopped updating over two years ago. Naked Frat House doesn't feel like a site giving you genuine frat boy fun, but there is something addictive about the guys and their scenes. Put it this way: if they were still enrolling at this college of cock, I'd fill out an application.

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