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My Str8 M8's Feet is dedicated to those of us with a taste for male feet. The site all about men showing off their feet in shoes, in socks, and totally bare. There are all sorts of guys here from twinks to daddies, business men, and blue-collar workers, regular guys, college guys, athletes, you name it. When it comes to looks, some are cute, some are average; some are clean-shaven while others have facial hair or chin scruff. There are some guys with tattoos, others who seem pretty clean-cut, and while many stay dressed, others strip to their undies. Lots of the guys do appear to be straight but they are willing to show off their feet for the camera - and the camera man.

You'll find plenty of men pointing their soles toward the camera, wearing athletic shoes or nice loafers or just about any kind of shoes, then pulling them and letting us enjoy their socked feet. As with the shoes, there's a lot of variety - some of the socks are white athletic socks, others sheer dress socks, and still others are opaque gold toes. Some are clean and pristine, others are dirty or torn and no doubt smell like feet. And then each guy strips off his socks to exhibit his feet bare. Some of their feet are clean, well-groomed and cared for; others are sweaty, grungy or a bit dirty.

Let me give you an idea of what to expect. Darren's session was one of my favorites. He wears his underwear as he pulls off his shoes and argyle socks, then puts his socks up to his face and sniffs them while he strokes his bulge through his briefs. Then there's Gavin, who arrives in a vest and long-sleeved shirt, pulls off his blue socks, and sucks his own toes. And JD sits wearing only his shorts, rubs his bare feet together and strokes them with his hands, all the time giving us a good look at his hairy legs and smooth chest. Ben, who's handsome and a bit exotic, wears executive attire - nice business slacks, a crisp white shirt and a tie, and after rubbing his feet, he gives us some super sexy toe close-ups.

My Str8 M8's Feet currently offers 290 exclusive videos; there are 90 recent videos and 200 more in the archive. The more recent videos are offered in MP4 format, the downloadable versions sized at 640x360 and the streaming at 852x480. The downloadable videos should play on most mobiles, but disappointingly the newest videos and the older archived videos aren't available for download but only to stream. The videos are good amateur quality, and while they do lose some sharpness and clarity when enlarged to full screen, they're still quite watchable.

The site also has 310 picture sets. These are good amateur quality digital stills, the newest sized at 600x900 and the rest are just a little smaller, the oldest shown at 511x768. As with the videos, the pictures definitely focus on feet, in shoes, socks, or bare. You can browse the photos via the strip of thumbs running across the bottom of the page, as hands-free slideshows or you can navigate from pic to pic. There are no downloadable zip files, however you can save individual photos by clicking the double square icon that appears when you move your cursor anywhere on the page; this makes the image open in a separate window where you can easily save it.

When it comes to updates, there's no dates on the content nor is there a listed update schedule. There are 235 more videos than there were four years and eight months ago, and the site is still updating; it seems to adding alternating by adding a video one week and a picture set the next.

Now let's talk about some issues. Only some of the videos are offered for download, and the streaming versions of those that are downloadable cannot be enlarged to full screen. The videos that aren't downloadable do enlarge to full screen but they open in a new window, as do many other pages you click. There's no model info or scene descriptions, which was disappointing. And many of the videos here are under five minutes. Last, while not exactly an issue, there's no full nudity inside the site.

My Str8 M8's Feet delivers plenty of straight guys and I give the photographer credit for getting all those amateurs to show off their feet on camera. The site has grown to offer 290 streaming videos, some offered for download, and 310 picture sets. The site may currently be updating - the numbers do add up - but it's hard to be sure since there are no dates. Still, there's plenty of content here, and if you love watching straight guys stroke and play with their feet on camera, My Str8 M8's Feet is definitely worth a visit.

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