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My Muscle Show is a new muscle worship site run by massively-built hunk Jay Bronson. He's a big brute of a man, although he's not the biggest this site has to offer. Bronson appears in the most videos (8 of them), but there are three other hunks currently adding videos as well. Costy King is a muscle giant with massive biceps and huge rolling shoulders. He's only 5'8" but weighs 193 pounds, and that's where the "massive" comes in. Mark Kent weighs just as much as Costy, but he stands 6'2" so his body is leaner looking, although again, he's got humongous arms and shoulders. But I really loved the look of his longer muscular legs.

Mike Bull is the biggest of the bunch, weighing in at 253 pounds, and he's got 6 videos filmed both indoors and outdoors including a semi-nude shower scene. His chest, arms and shoulders are particularly impressive, but honestly, his whole body is something to marvel over. Finally, Bronson himself is a beefy with a dark beard and he weighs 231 pounds of muscle. He reminds me of a Dothraki from Games of Thrones, if you follow the show. He's the only one who appears fully nude on the site and he's sporting a meaty, uncut cock. He's got gargantuan, tree-trunk thighs, a sexy meaty butt, and like the others, he's got arms and shoulders that can bend metal rods - and he does!

As far as the action goes, My Muscle Show is just that: it's a place where bodybuilders show off all of their hard gym work. Three of the men strip down to shorts or skimpy swimsuits, and they flex and pump their muscles in a variety of positions and giving us a look at their gorgeous bodies from every angle. A couple of these hunks like making their pecs dance, and that's always fun to watch. Bronson himself does bend an iron bar with his bare hands, he rips a t-shirt off his body, and does another session fully nude in the shower. He also has one video where a masked woman admires his muscles as he jacks himself off and unloads his balls on the floor. There are only a couple of Bronson's videos that have a creamy finish.

There are 21 videos inside the site; they're offered in downloadable MP4 format and display at 1280x720 or 1920x1080. The videos are good amateur quality, sharp and clear; the vids must be downloaded in zipped files which are simple enough to unzip, but it's an extra step. You can also stream the vids on the site, and they play at 714x402. You can enlarge them to full-screen, and I really have to say I was pretty impressed to see very little loss of quality at all. The episodes aren't dated, so I don't know how often the site is adding new content. Each video also comes with half a dozen very large screencaps. They're good quality and you can view them on the site or download them in a zip file. There's no slideshow, however.

There is a community link which didn't work for me, and a forum where you can keep up with what's happening on the site and with the models, or you can talk to other members. However, because the site's just getting off the ground, there's not much activity here yet, although there is a list of the updates posted.

There are a few caveats about the site. First, while dates on the content are sporadic, the site just launched; there's no listed update schedule, but I've emailed the owner and will update this review when I hear back. This is really a muscle worship site, so full nudity and jack-off action are minimal. As already mentioned, site owner Jay Bronson is the only hunk going complete naked for now. I found the site on the expensive side for what you're getting, but if you stick around, the recurring membership drops a full $10.

I think My Muscle Show is off to a good start. The site offers 21 exclusive videos, and I was impressed with the handsome hunks and their spectacular bodies. I loved starting a video, sitting back and watching these bodybuilders show off their bulging muscles from every angle. They're impressive, not to mention inspiring. Bronson, the owner, is huge and muscular, and he's told us that he just redesigned the site, and he sounds enthusiastic about growing it and adding more videos. I hope he does, because so far I'd say that My Muscle Show is going in the right direction.

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