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My FTM Crush is a new site featuring trans guy Ari Koyote, who you may recall from a site called Jock Pussy. Ari is cute and twinkish, wears glasses, and has a slim body with a couple light tattoos - oh, yes, and he's got a pussy with a pierced clit hood. Ari has just a hint of body hair on his chest and a little more on his abs, and he's also got furry thighs. And in this site, Ari gets to play with guys he's got a crush on.

Most of the guys appear with Ari in more than one chapter. In each first chapter, as the site calls the episodes, Ari gets to know the guy he's going to be playing with. They lie on a bed in their underwear, and Ari asks each guy if he's every been with a trans man. They chat for a while, then hands start moving over naked chests and Ari and his guy start making out, and this leads to Ari sucking dick with enthusiasm and then trading off so the man in the video eats his pussy. From here, Ari's pussy may get fucked with a sex toy or more often his scene partner will pump away bareback at Ari's wet hole before filling it with cum.

Sean is the most masculine of the crushes so far with a big, muscled and heavily tattooed body, hairy chest, a few days of face scruff. As he says, "I love pussy - I just don't like girls," so that pretty much makes Sean the perfect performer for this site. Sean talks about his life as he and Ari touch fingers, stroke each other's bellies and basically behave like boyfriends. They embrace and kiss passionately until Ari gets down on the floor and sucks Sean's already-hard dick. After plenty of blowjob action, Ari lies on the bed, spreads his legs and Sean goes to work licking his cunt. For the grand finale, Sean slides a dildo in and out of Ari's hole as Ari strokes his clit, his fingers working between his hairy thighs until he gets off loudly.

In the second and third chapters, no one wastes time talking - they just get right into the action. After making out with Ryan in his second visit with Ari, the two make out, embracing and stroking each other in their briefs, lots of kissing with tongue as their hands explore each other. After Ryan fucks Ari's mouth as Ari's head bobs back and forth while sucking that cock, Ryan licks Ari's clit, and once his hole is wet enough, Ryan tops him bareback from above and behind. Ryan shoots his load inside Ari's pussy, then fucks the cum in and pulls out, his cock dripping cum.

As I've mentioned, My FTM Crush is a brand new site, so it's not surprising that there are currently nine episodes (or, as the site refers to them, chapters), each with streaming video and pictures. The videos are DRM-free MP4s that can be downloaded at 1920x1080 plus three smaller sizes including a couple for mobiles, and they look good. They're also offered to stream in a size that filled my screen completely, and they're available in four qualities for those with faster or slower internet connections. I found my phone - that does not play 1920x1080 videos - played the streaming vids on this site with ease.

Each video comes with a set of from seven to 14 pics; one set has 20. These pics are digital stills sized at either 720x1080 or 1080x1620, depending on the set, and quality is good amateur or better. There are no downloadable zip files or hands-free slideshows, but you can save the individual pictures you'd like to keep.

There are a couple things I wanted to mention here. First, if you spend $10 more per month than the regular monthly membership here, you can get access to Jock Pussy as well as My FTM Crush. Jock Pussy offers 41 videos featuring FTM porn stars with horny cis men, and there are four scenes here featuring Ari Koyote. And second, there's no dates or update schedule anywhere, although the site did add an update about a month after launch. Still, we don't know if they'll be adding updates monthly or more randomly.

Does the site have any other issues? To start with, when I logged into the site, the first thing I saw was a full-page pop-up ad covering the members homepage; luckily it's easy to close. Next, the site is new, and with nine episodes, it's small. Counting Ari, there are four performers total, and each of the dates appear in between one and three chapters so far. The site may add other trans men later as there's a page called "The Crushes" where so far only Ari is listed.

I'm a big fan of twinkish FTM Ari Koyote, and I love watching him as he gives these guys blowjobs, gets his pussy licked and then there's the sex toy play and barebacking, not to mention cum oozing out of Ari's pussy after the fucking. The site is new,  and with nine exclusive videos, each with pic sets, it needs time to grow, although update frequency is uncertain at this point. What is certain is that Ari gets fucked by a variety of men including a big, tattooed muscle hunk and a cute, dark-haired jock. Whether you're a fan of Ari Koyote or just love watching guys with pussies sucking dick, getting eaten out and getting fucked, My FTM Crush is definitely worth a look.

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