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What's your little secret? Like to share your home sex tapes? My Dirty Hobby is a place where people can share their naughty home videos and make some money from them at the same time; that's one of the things the site is about. The other? It's about finding other guys, trannies (and girls) who are into vid and pic swapping and perhaps even meeting up. This is a kind of hook-up site that's mainly about sharing your home videos and images - while making money. I get the impression that it's mainly European and it's contributed to by amateur guys. It's interesting different and there are a couple of catches, but also some opportunities.

Having a look around the Gay section of the site I found quite a mix of guys. Most are amateurs, for sure; you can tell from the poses and quality of the sample shots. But there's a range of guys from some very hot looking 18+ twinks, European guys with big cocks and porn star looks who were jerking off in a cam show to older, chubbier guys with a passion for anal insertions, hairy guys, muscular guys and lots of average guys. There are some trannies here, as well, and for some reason they fall under the 'Gay' section. There are flags on each profile to show you each member's country: Germany, Britain, France, Canada and America were well represented here and sometimes duos are available under a single profile.

As to what you can see the guys doing, well, that's another matter. The couples, for example, are showing off their fuck videos; homemade and just as you would find on a porn tube site or any amateur BF site. That means that the quality is not always wonderful, but the viewing is real and raw. There are solo guys showing you're their jerk off vids, and there's a lot of kinky and fetish stuff going on. There's a lot of cum-eating, watersports, guys pissing on themselves in the bath, inserting all manner of things in to their asses (lemons include) and all that kind of horny dirtiness. I guess My Dirty Hobby is a site where anything goes and everyone can feel free to share their own dirty hobbies.

How may videos are there here? Well, that's hard to say. There were over 400 index pages, which adds up to over 6,600 updates, each one of them with a video, and some leading to profiles with more than one video. The same applies to images; each entry has a profile and some of them have galleries. Exact numbers are hard to pinpoint but you're looking at a lot of clips and pics here. Movies are MP4s shown in a Flash player and sized from around 557x317 to 660x598; some cell phone vids are sized at up to 668x1025, and the videos can be enlarged to full screen. Some videos are grainy and dark while others are fine and look decent at full screen. Movies run for various lengths of time, from under a minute to 20 minutes or more. There are no download options.

Before we go further, let's talk about updates. Many days at least one gay member adds a video - today there were two videos added, two days before that one was added, two days before there were three, then one the day before, and then there were five days with no updates. That's pretty typical. There are many more videos added and mostly more frequently in the straight section of the site.

Many guys have at least one picture set, often more than one, although some have none at all. Mostly each pic (not each set) is for sale, and - as is the case with the videos - sizes and quality vary greatly. I downloaded one photo that was sized at 640x480, and while quality was fairly good, I'm pretty sure it was a screencap, as was often the case with the pics. The next pic I paid for was sized at a whopping 2592x1944 at good amateur quality; while horizontal, it could be a digital still.

Watching movies or downloading photos is going to cost you money, which is how the site and its members earn cash. Okay, so we've all got to do that, but it's up to the members posting content to set their prices and some are really expensive. (Over 2,000 credits for a 20-minute amateur home movie, for example, that works out at around €25.00 for one small movie. You need to stock up on credits, which they call Dirty Cents, and these start off at €5.00 for 400. You find a movie you want to see or pic you want to save, and the credits are taken from your stock. Once you've paid for a video, it's yours to stream forever.

That might sound like movies and pictures can cost a lot of money in some cases, and it can, but the good news is that you can also get in on the act and start to make and sell your own content. Under the tools icon there's a drop-down list of functions and one of them is 'Become and amateur.' That sounded like a step backwards, career-wise, but when I explored it I found that this is the place where you can discover how to make money. You don't pay anything, the other members pay you to watch your videos, and you can set that price. This is why some of the prices are, in my opinion, very high while others are quite reasonable.

I had a few other issues with the site. The Gay section of My Dirty Hobby is one section of a much larger, straight site and the search functions are not geared up towards searching for gay only. If you use the main menu on the left, your results will come back with a straight-bias and you'll find the gay section again under the Category list or search for Men at the top of the page, but some of those are straight men who may also have pics or vids of them with women. As mentioned, there is no separate area for gay and/or tranny content nor does the site remember your preferences, which would have been a plus.

The photos you pay for are available to download, but there's no discounts if you want to buy an entire set of pictures. Also prices are only given in Euros regardless of your location, and quality of content is extremely mixed, with some lower quality pics and videos to be found, which makes sense since all the content here was shot by the users. I found the site really frustrating to get used to because clicking anything in the main menu brought me straight results each time.

My Dirty Hobby features horny amateur guys like you looking for the same kind of fun, although the site is more for showing off (and making money) than it is a fully functional hookup site. You can use it to voyeur in on some amateur home clips from around the world, though that will cost you each time you buy a new clip. Or you can use it to set up your own profile and make money. If you do that, make your clips good quality and worth watching, price them fairly and advertise them honestly and you could do quite well. My Dirty Hobby is a kind of three-in-one site with a host of horny amateurs doing all kinds of kink and exhibitionism, and with over 6,000 streaming videos and several updates most weeks, not to mention thousands of profiles both gay and straight, there's a lot to browse.

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