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The guys at My BF Gay are not as straight as they pretend to be. They cheat on their girlfriends with other dudes in their own homes while their girlfriends are in another room or may be coming home at any minute. The girlfriend walks in and finds her boyfriend and the other guy completely naked and covered in cum. There's no "happily ever after" here since all of the scenes ends with a fight. The concept is fun and titillating. We haven't visited this site in nearly three years, so it's time to head back for another look.

The guys at My BF Gay are handsome, well-built Czech hunks in their twenties with juicy uncut cocks. Some of them are slender while others are more muscular or a little beefy. Most of them have smooth bodies and faces, a few have a tattoo or two. While the majority of the guys are amateurs, there are a few familiar faces. Most of the guys are good looking and they all seem to enjoy what they are doing.

A video called "Post Party Boning with the BF" is pretty typical of what you can expect here. A guy and his girlfriend have been out partying and they brought along the boyfriend's buddy. They all got rip roaring drunk and the buddy crashes at the couple's place. In the morning, the girlfriend wakes up horny, but her boyfriend wants to sleep so she leaves. The friend moves into the bed, at first for a more comfortable place to sleep, but then his morning wood gets the best of him. He greases up his friend's ass and slips inside; he's pumping away for a good couple of minutes before his buddy wakes up protesting about the hard dick in his ass. Funny. They carry on fucking and blow their loads all over the boyfriend's smooth body, and seconds later the girlfriend walks in and throws a fit, ordering her boyfriend's buddy to leave. The couple continue fighting as he scrambles for his clothes.

The scenarios change from scene to scene, but essentially when the girl leaves the two guys get it on with passionate kissing, groping, cock sucking, and of course plenty of anal action, which is with condoms. The guys blow their cum loads all over each other's faces or bodies just before the girlfriend comes back. The videos were filmed in Prague and there are no subtitles, but don't worry, fucking and angry girlfriends sound the same in any language.

When we reviewed My BF Gay three years ago there were 13 exclusive, good quality DRM-free videos - now there are 15, so it's safe to assume that the site has stopped updating. The videos are exclusive to the site and are good quality. There are a variety of download options, as the videos are available in WMV, MPEG, and MP4 formats. The largest WMV plays at 1920x1080, while the largest MPEG version plays at a smaller size of 768x432. The MP4 file is sized for mobile devices and plays at 480x270. You can also stream the videos. The player defaults at 770x433, but you can enlarge the video to full screen and they won't lose much quality.

Each scene comes with a set of pics. These are good quality digital stills sized at 800x1200 that show the action well. You can save the pictures individually or download a zip file, but there's no slideshow feature. Each set contains several hundred photos (up to 700 images for some scenes), but since there are so many images per set, there are some repetitive poses; it might have been better to offer 150 or so photos that were hand selected.

Members of My BF Gay get access to two gay bonus sites, Gay Snare and Game For Gay. These sites are run by the same company and appear to be shot by the same studio. Both of these sites have exclusive videos with similar kind of guys and action; in fact many of the exact same guys. These bonus sites are small, as well, with a little more than 15 videos each.

Let's talk about issues. First, as already mentioned, the site doesn't update. Next, be aware trial members can only view one video; to get full access to all the network content, trial members need to upgrade to a full membership. Also, be aware that there are pre-checked offers on the billing page that will sign you up to two additional porn site memberships, and these sites are straight porn. One last issue is that each gallery puts all the pics on a single page that shows hundreds of thumbs, so the gallery pages are long.

My BF Gay has an original straight-goes-gay theme, and I enjoyed watching how these supposed straight guys figure out fun ways to get into bed with each other. Watching the girlfriends wigging out when they catch them can be fun, too. There are 15 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, and each comes with a matching photo set. The site no longer updates, but between this one and the two bonus sites, you'll have enough to keep you busy for a month. What I liked best about My Gay BF are the action, the content quality - and those hunky guys with their uncut cocks, of course.

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