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Muscle Worship offers us the opportunity to sit back and watch gym-built men and massive bodybuilders posing, flexing, and oiling their big bulging muscles, and there is some cock play, too. These men aren't your regular gym rats waiting inside is a big collection of muscular jocks, muscle men, competitive bodybuilders, wrestlers, and lots of amateur hunks. We haven't reviewed Muscle Worship in three years, so let's have another look.

The Jailor is a sexy, massively-built hunk, bare chested and wearing leather chaps over his jeans and a leather bridge cap. He poses in a jail cell, then leads us deeper inside where he strips down to his underwear. He's got two of the hugest thighs you could ever hope to have wrapped around your head. He flexes and poses and lets us take in his beautiful physique before pulling out his fat, veiny cock; after some stroking, he fucks a gloryhole against the wall. You'll swoon watching his huge, firm butt thrusting into that hole. He never cums, he just wipes the spit off his cock with a rag and leaves.

The Stud is a beefy, Germanic blond, he's bulging out of his leather shorts, and right out of a Tom of Finland book. He rips off his muscle t-shirt and polishes his motorcycle, which lets us see his muscular body from every angle, but we never see his cock. Mac is a handsome man with a goatee - he's leaner than the other two, but he's chiseled with carved pecs and ripped abs covered in oil. Mac rubs his body, flexes and strokes his big dick.

These newest videos are decidedly different than earlier videos because they lack the seductive dirty talk that turned me on so much three years ago. The latest releases have with no interaction from the men. Too bad. But dig into the video library a bit and you'll find one of my favorites starring handsome muscle hunk Zeb Atlas rubbing his ripped six pack and saying, "For the rest of this night, you are going to be completely helpless." Then he flexes his bulging biceps and kisses them, adding "Are you getting comfortable? Are you ready to watch me? Are you ready to fall under my complete control?" You can lie back and watch this video and listen to this stunning bodybuilder as he draws you into his fantasy world. It's a unique and hot experience, and there are so many more just like this.

While many of these bodybuilders go by single names like John or Rocco, there are other well-known hunks like Vin Marco, Matthew Rush, Zeb Atlas, and Mitchell Rock. But I've seen plenty of those single-named guys on other muscle sites. As well, a lot of the guys make multiple appearances on the site and some of the men show their cocks, but many don't. And that can be a plus or a minus depending on your fetish.

There are 856 videos for you to watch in mostly streaming QuickTime format, although some of the most recent videos are offered in Flash format. The newest vids play at 920x690, older ones at 640x480, and the oldest are even smaller. You can't download these movies and the older episodes are segmented into shorter clips with two or three parts. The site uses a Flash player and this may cause Chrome and Firefox users some grief as these two browsers stopped supporting Flash in July 2015. I couldn't watch the videos even though my Flash player is apparently up to date. However, I was able to watch the videos in Internet Explorer with no problems. Another reviewer was able to stream the videos in Firefox, although they had to activate QuickTime to do so.

Aside from the main video section, there's another section called The Dark Side where you'll find drawings, videos and stories of bound muscle men and BDSM. There's a Muscle Art section offering a collection of drawings, paintings, and other art depicting muscular males. The Muscle Fiction section gives you a couple hundred erotic stories featuring masculine bodybuilders and muscle hunks in a variety of scenarios.

The videos are not downloadable, so you have to watch them on the site and now there's the complication of limited browser support of Flash. Longer movies are segmented, so you have to watch them across multiple parts and there isn't any way to enjoy them as a full movie.

The biggest issue is that Muscle Worship seems to be running on auto pilot and no longer lives up to tour hype of being the biggest and the best muscle hunk site. When we last reviewed the site in 2012 there were almost 800 videos, and now three years later, there are about 856 videos. The episodes themselves aren't dated, so I can't even confirm when the last update occurred, but with such a small increase in videos Muscle Worship isn't very active anymore. Even commenters on the last review said the site isn't updating, although there's enough here to keep members busy for a while.

For those who like watching bodybuilders and muscle hunks showing off and flexing, there's a lot of sexy stuff at Muscle Worship. Having these men talking directly to you is an engaging and seductive experience and I still enjoy these videos immensely. The site has seen better and hotter days, and it's unfortunate that they didn't keep up with regular updates and changes in video technology. If you're new to Muscle Worship, you'll find heaps of videos to satisfy your muscle fetish, but you may have to limit yourself to Internet Explorer to enjoy the site. There's a lot of video here and Muscle Worship gives you good value for your membership dollar, but with an unclear update schedule, your visit may not last more than a month.

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