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Muscle Matt has been around for over 10 years with muscle hunks in muscle worship sessions, jacking their cocks and yes, there's some sucking and fucking, too. This is the official website of The Muscle Mafia, a secret society of bodybuilders and muscle jocks who like playing with men on the down low. Most of these hunks wear masks, but a few do show their faces - a handful of cocksuckers who love servicing muscle men and don't mind sharing their identities.

The site is run by Carlo (The Boss) and his partner is Matt (Muscle Matt). Carlo appears in 25 videos and Matt plays in 38 movies, but there are plenty of sessions that feature neither. Because the men wear masks, it's a little difficult to talk about anything except their bodies, but I'm guessing these muscle men are in their 20's and 30's. These aren't your average gym-fit men, but rather serious bodybuilders with rolling shoulders, big biceps, chiseled and meaty pecs, washboard abs and hard butts. But these are not massive, no-neck bodybuilders with tree-trunk thighs either.

The site refers to the regular performers as "The Crew", and they all have their individual limitations - some take things further than others. The site says it best: "The Muscle Mafia provides a setup where alpha males with above-average looks, personalities and sex drives can explore and perform with complete discretion and privacy." They don't show their faces as a part of their "code of silence," but there's an erotic element where the masks force you to concentrate on these magnificent bodies and not the performers' faces. And even the members or viewers are invited to participate in this private community through their comments or on film.

The action varies, but Muscle Matt makes it pretty easy to find what you want in the "Movies" section, although movies are listed in multiple sections. The "Egos & Cock Shows" section features men showing off their bodies, being worshiped or jacking their dicks. The "Muscle Worship & Domination" section features tag-team or group scenes with the men using and abusing cocksuckers, and by abusing they mean face fucking, ass pounding, dirty talk, and giving them facials, or making them eat cum. There's a "Hardcore & Fetish" section featuring piss play and foot worship, and repeats those domination sessions. And "Boss Cams" offers some spur-of-the-moments videos featuring "The Boss" ordering men over to take care of his cock.

I watched a video of a hunk named Zac coming back for his first blowjob. When he did his first jack-off video he wasn't prepared mentally to go further, but judging by the massive load he blows across the masked cocksucker's face, Zac finally got his head in the game. In another video, muscle hunks Derek and Matt explore every inch of their gorgeous bodies, then Matt fucks Derek and finally unloads his nuts all over Derek's masked face. Do you see a trend here? And in a third video, Matt, Brad and Kyle, three hunks with beautifully hard and chiseled bodies, tag team and spit roast fuck Chez, a bottom with an insatiable appetite for dick. And yes, one by one, they cum on his masked face and squirt lots of spunk in his mouth.

You sign up for a free membership at Muscle Matt and this gets you into a quasi member area where you can check out all the videos that are available. You can read excellent scene descriptions and preview small thumbnails and short video trailers that aren't available outside the member area.

There are 117 videos offered in streaming Flash only. There are no downloads here; the videos stream in a pop-up window and play at 486x230 at average to fairly good quality and most run from 45 to 60 minutes each. While there are no larger sizes available, you can expand the vids to full screen but expect a loss of quality - how much clarity you'll lose depends on the size of your monitor. The site offers no picture galleries per se, just those small thumbnails which have the cocks blocked out. They cannot be enlarged or saved in any way, they're simply provided as a preview of the action.

Most of the episodes are not dated (the newest was added 5 days ago), so I have no idea how often new content is added to the site, but that's not a real issue since the site doesn't offer a standard monthly membership. You're only paying for whatever you want to watch. And this leads to my biggest objection with this site - it's expensive! A 24-hour rental will run you $22 or $24 or you can opt to rent a movie for life for $59.95, which is usually the cost to buy a full DVD.

The back story of "The Muscle Mafia" creates an exciting mystique of a secret society of mostly straight muscle men who on occasion like face fucking a cocksucker or pounding a man's ass. But personally, I'm on the fence here: Masked men are titillating once or twice, then I start wanting to see hunks who aren't afraid to show us who they. But having said that, every time I was ready to pack it in, something else caught my eye. So in this case, I think their pay-per-view option is best for satisfying those momentary cravings.

I would have been happier if Muscle Matt offered a third video viewing option that falls between the small and full-screen versions. I have a 24-inch monitor, so I couldn't sit at my desk and watch the full-screen versions, I had to sit across the room to see a clear picture. And I found navigating the site from page to page was sluggish. The videos themselves streamed smoothly with no jumping or stalling, but simply getting around the site takes patience.

Muscle Matt delivers some hot stuff. A perfect example - Brandon is picked up by The Boss' limo and Brandon tells us that he loves sucking cock and he's on his way to service Carlo and Matt and swallow their loads. Then in the back of the limo he puts on a blindfold so he doesn't know where he's going. That's pretty exciting stuff. And many of the 117 videos have this kind of fantasy set-up - they're not strictly two men jumping on a bed for a fuck. The hunks here are sexy with beautifully strong bodies, and not being able to see their faces can be both exciting and frustrating. Ultimately you'll have to decide whether the videos worth the price of admission.

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