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Mr. Cali is a sexy black top, and he loves drilling bottoms with his 11-inch cock. You've probably seen him around various ebony porn sites, but now he has one of his own called Mr. Cali XXX. It just opened in March 2016, so join me while I check out this dirty-talking stud and his homemade movies.

Mr. Cali is 29 years old, he's 6'1", weighs 175 pounds, and he's swinging an 11-inch uncut cock. He's a top and he's single - he too busy fucking ass to settle down with one guy - and yes, he's gay. His skin is dark brown and his chest and biceps are covered in ink, his left arm has a full sleeve of tats. Mr. Cali usually has a beard; sometimes it's short and trimmed, other times it's longer and bushy. He has beautifully plump lips, the kind you love kissing, and Mr. Cali necks up a storm. He's also sporting a silver-dollar-sized belly button, and it's an outtie.

Most of the videos feature Mr. Cali, but there are two solos, one featuring Deep Dicc and another with Holliwud, two well-known names from porn. There are five duos, all including Mr. Cali except one with Redd, another porn top who enjoys shoving his monster dong inside newcomer BD Hunter's ass. The remaining four duos treat us to Mr. Cali pumping bareback butthole. Finally, there's a threeway and a five-guy orgy, both featuring Mr. Cali. All of the other guys on the site are studs in their twenties with athletic bodies and big dicks, and I did recognize a couple more performers like Day Day and BJ Adia.

The site just opened in March 2016 so there are currently only nine videos in the members area. These are streaming MP4s that come in a variety of sizes - some were around 784x440, another was in a small player at 580x327 but clicking the resize button enlarged it to 1076x1201. Regardless, all of the videos come with a full-screen option. The videos aren't as crisp as I'd like to see, but they're still quite enjoyable.

There's a small collection of eight other videos in a section called Mr. Cali Home Movies, and these appear to be cell phone videos as most come in vertical orientation instead of the typical horizontal format we're used to seeing. These are very short clips (most are under two minutes) and the picture clarity varies greatly, as does the lighting, and they're really just quick looks of Mr. Cali first sliding his huge cock into a guy's ass or moments where he wants to show off a hot fucking position.

The videos themselves aren't dated as such, although they do carry tags saying "added one week ago" or "published two months ago," so it's hard to nail down an update schedule. The latest video is dated a week ago, there's another that's two weeks old, and another was added two weeks before that. Five of the scenes were published two months ago and another started the site off eight months ago. The tour doesn't give us any clues about an update schedule either, and there's a good chance that these dated videos were there when the site launched and that there haven't been an actual updates yet.

There are a couple of extras under a section called The Mr. Cali Experience, but this mostly amounts to a blog with details of upcoming bar appearances or press coverage of Mr. Cali or his movies. There's a section where you can buy Mr. Cali gear, but for the moment there's only one brand of underwear available, and these come with Mr. Cali embroidered across the ass.

There are several other quirks or issues. There's no bio, profile or information about Mr. Cali himself; I actually had to get his stats off another site. Mr. Cali is a dirty talker, which I enjoyed a lot, but he does use the N word, which may or may not be a problem for you. The site is slow and takes several seconds before new pages load. Some of the video players have a white progress bar on a white background, so it's impossible to tell where you are in the movie, and this makes jumping ahead tricky. Finally, while these are exclusive productions, at least one of the videos appears on another site operated by the same producer.

Mr. Cali XXX is off to a decent start. He's a sexy top - I enjoyed watching him pummel guys with his 11-inch cock and a couple of his cumshots are OMG impressive. I liked that he varies the action with a couple of solos, a threeway and five guys banging in a hotel room. I'm also happy to see that he brought in another top to help with the fucking. The site is new and the update schedule is still up in the air, but the fuck sessions are fun to watch and Mr. Cali XXX is a dirty-talking top - I loved hearing him run his mouth. If he continues adding videos regularly and bringing in other porn performers like he has thus far, this should grow into a horny site. We'll keep you posted on how things progress, but for now, you'll want to head over and check out Mr. Cali's humongous dick.

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