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Movie Monster is powered by AEBN (Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network) and features over 27,000 gay DVDs. There is every conceivable type of man on here and just looking through their category list there are: amateurs, Asians, bears, black men, blue collar guys, bodybuilders, chubs, cowboys, fratboys, Latin, leather men, mature men, skinheads, thugs and twinks, to name but a few. You'll find amateurs whacking off on their webcams, your favorite porn stars in blockbuster productions and everything in between. I'd say that not finding the type of guy you're looking for is almost impossible.

The action is just as varied. Of course you're going to find heaps of guys jacking off, sucking and fucking in solos, duos, threeways and groups. There's "safe sex" action, bareback fucking and guys blowing their wads in the air or across freshly-fucked bums, smooth abs or beautiful faces. But some of the categories at Movie Monster that caught my eye were auto-fellatio, BDSM, bisexual, boyfriends, dildo sex, double and extreme penetration, foot play, hidden camera, massage, pissing, prison sex, spanking and wrestling. Whew! That's a lot of action.

And you'll find movies from most of the top studios: Treasure Island Media, Hot House, Lucas Entertainment, Falcon Studios, Boy Crush, Hot Desert Knights, Raging Stallions and dozens of others. You'll also find movies from your favorite porn sites like Spunk Worthy, Broke Straight Boys, Chaos Men, Active Duty and Gay Hoopla.

There are a lot of different ways to enjoy the videos at Movie Monster, and frankly it can get pretty confusing. First and foremost, Movie Monster is a pay-per-view site, so you buy a package of minutes (the more minutes you buy, the greater the discount), then you use the time to watch movies. But there are also other options like "stream for 48 hours" or "stream for life", and both options cost above the pay-per-minute time that you purchased. You can watch the videos on your desktop computer or on Apple and Android cellphones and tablets, or you can use Smart TV, and AEBN (Movie Monster's parent) is also available on Roku.

But things get confusing with downloads. I could download one movie in either of two sizes; another movie had the option for a 7-day or 30-day download or I could own it outright; another movie had one download option but in three different sizes and it was twice the price as the others.

When streaming a movie it pops up in a player that defaults at 1000x564. The picture quality will vary wildly depending on the original production and what equipment they used. I watched a Bel Ami video that had good picture clarity and sound. Full-screen mode is available and this video fared well, but the results will always depend on the original production: if it's not great in the player, it's not going to get better at full-screen mode.

I went to the last page of bear videos and watched one from a small production company that was filmed in 2005, and this video played at 830x625. While the movie was watchable, the picture quality was quite a bit less crisp and clear than that Bel Ami movie. And there may be other sizes, as well; with thousands of movies available, it's impossible to check for all the options.

There's also something called a "SuperPass Channel" that gives you access to 4,889 movies with unlimited viewing. This isn't Movie Monster's entire inventory, just a selection. If you don't want to be bothered with tracking your minutes usage, buy a monthly viewing membership and forget about it.

Each movie has a scene description and cast listing, as well as category tags that help you hone your search for the content you like. The studio and performer names are also clickable. There are no picture galleries on Movie Monster, but each scene has five small thumbnails that let you preview the action.

I can't tell you how many videos are on the site because Movie Monster isn't organized in a way that allows me to do that. However, as an example, I found 1,487 bear movies, 1,275 jock movies, 2,586 black DVDs, and 6,702 twink movies, so there's a lot of content here. I also don't know how often Movie Monster is updating. DVDs are added with a month-year date configuration, so it's impossible to give you precise information. However, since June 2014 (and it's October now) they have added 389 new DVDs, so that's around 20 new ones every week.

If I had any complaint with Movie Monster, it would be around the number of different purchasing options and the lack of consistency with them. Like I said earlier, some videos have multiple download options, others have one. And as far as videos sizes and picture quality, you'll need to understand that we're dealing with years upon years of content filmed with different equipment by people who are working out of their basement or directors employed by huge studios with big budgets, so the quality is going to vary wildly.

Movie Monster's strength is the sheer volume of content, they have in excess of 25,000 movies featuring every conceivable kind of man getting off in all the regular ways like jacking off, sucking, and fucking, but in lots of different and kinky ones like double penetration or after a wrestling match. And Movie Monster makes it very easy for you to find what you're looking for with dozens of categories and hundreds of tags that fine tune your search even more. And finally, there are a lot of different ways to enjoy the content here - it's just a matter of settling on the one that suits you best.

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