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Mount Equinox is a website that proclaims itself to have an unparalleled amount of gay videos, covering every category imaginable. Judging by its free tour it would seem this site wants to market itself as a hodge-podge of every type of gay porn imaginable. No matter where you go in the tour, you are bombarded with images of sex, oral action, anal penetration, cum shots, and rimming. You barely notice what the models look like, as their bodies are all tangled up into each other like a pretzel. There are six previews available each with a sample video and a bunch of stills. Among the claims this site makes are over 100 new full-length 90 minute videos added every month, and full screen DVD quality playback for every video. Is your interested piqued so far? Lets enter this site together and see what it is all about.

Mount Equinox members will be in for a surprise as they log into the members area for the first time. This section looks nothing like the tour at all. It is just one page with all of the content listed in a series of tables, stacked on top of one another. To be fair the makers of this site do say that the members area is going through a re-design to make it visually more appealing. At the top of the page are links to the latest updates, which are dated, and right below is the rest of the content. It should be noted that most of the content in the members section are feeds, content from other sites. And the content that is actually on the Mount Equinox server adds up to 28 videos, although there are over 1000 pic galleries. In terms of an update schedule, it is hard to tell, but it seems that most or all of the updates are either photo updates or are actually feed updates.

As mentioned before the content on this site is almost all feeds, videos provided by third parties. The videos that are on this site add up to 28 videos. None of the videos are downloadable and users can only view them streamed from the site at 620x340. But what about the claim that this site has over 100 new full-length 90-minute videos added every month? The first 27 links under ‘Full Length Videos are feeds to another site. Each link has 4 full DVDs that are changed out each month. So while the claims are sort of true, the content is from another site and can be seen in a lot of other member areas, as well. And what about the other claim that they have ‘full screen DVD quality playback for every video? The quality of the videos is fair when streamed, and when enlarged to full screen the quality goes down.

If you are a pic lover, you may get something out of this site. There are over tons of images inside Mount Equinox. The 28 hosted videos, in addition to the Badpuppy, Hardcore and Strongmen video section, all feature photo galleries that accompany each video. If you add up all four of their galleries in total, it would come up to 608 sets. There is also a separate photo gallery section featuring a vast range of gay porn covering everything from amateurs to Asian men. That section features in total 1673 photo galleries, with each gallery consisting of 16 pics. The size of each pic varies, but the majorities are from 521x800 to 1314x850 in average or slightly lower quality. You cannot download any of the pictures without going through an extra step, and the sets are non-exclusive, and many have been around for a while.

Just by going through Mount Equinox's 28 videos and massive photo archive, there really doesn't seem to be any partiular type of model this site is going after. They seem to be more interested in getting as much porn material on this site as possible. Don't get me wrong - some of the models are great to look at. But this site main priority seems to cramming in all the porn they can. Not really focusing on the models, quality, action. There is some solo action, lots of man-on-man activity, and one threesome video, and while there are plenty of solo sets in the photo section, there's some sex, too.

This site pretty much consists of bonus content. Offered with the membership is 27 bonus feeds, 5 live video feeds, 4 live chats, videos and galleries from Bait Bus, Badpuppy, Hardcore, and Strongmen, nine 20 minute video clips, an erotic story section and access to 2 ezines.

There are a few important issues with this site, the first of which is the amount of content they claim. Instead of the thousands of videos offered, the site itself offers only 28 videos. I didn't find HD videos in the site itself, although they are offered in the tour, nor did I find 25 categories of gay porn in the site's videos and pic sets. The other claim of ‘full-screen DVD quality when played back isnt even close. Quality starts out average and decreases when enlarged to full-screen. Plus they offer 100 new videos per month, which aren't their own - they're from a feed offered in many paysites. The site itself has few updates, and hardly any updates as all of the 28 videos, with the exception of two videos, are all marked with the same date.

Mount Equinox has been around forever, which made it suprising that they offer 28 self-hosted videos, although their tour claims many more. Luckily they do offer well over 1500 non-exclusive pic sets covering a wide range of niches. There's also tons of bonus material. There doesnt seem to be a set schedule in terms of updates, as 26 of the 28 videos share the same date. The videos aren't downloadable, although you can download the pics one at a time. If you're new to gay porn sites and want a wide variety of content, the feeds and pic sets at Mount Equinox will probably keep you busy. On the other hand, if you want exclusive, original content, regular updates or downloadable videos, you might want to look elsewhere.

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