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Monster Hole is an amateur site that offers up mostly mature men, often hairy with big bellies and facial hair. Most of the guys are probably in their 40s, 50s and 60s, many are chubs or bears, and some are balding or have white hair. I notice a number of the performers have piercings, some have enlarged nipples, and a good number had great big cocks, often juicy and uncut. They say that some of the guys are married men and bisexual, and apparently they want some dick on the side. Some of the married men's faces aren't shown in the videos to protect their anonymity.

The action here is as raw and raunchy are the tour promises. You'll find barebacking, piss play, big sex toys, nipple play, blowjobs, group sex, and I found a little fisting. And true to the site's name, some of the bottoms here have gaping asses after their play sessions. Something there's a lot of here is cock pumping, as well as some nipple pumping, and there's a variety of pumps being used, too. Many of the scenes are shot in dim rooms, although never so poorly lit for you to see the action easily. This adds to the gritty feel - some of the sites are shot so it feels almost like a dark alley.

Monster Hole itself has 33 exclusive videos, and we'll talk about updates and bonuses in a minute. First, let's check out the videos. They are offered in QuickTime format, the newer ones available at 640x480 in both clips and full scenes and the older ones at 320x240 in clips only. The vid are embedded, although not streaming, which means they're not offered for download but you may have to wait for them to fully load to fast forward, but they're not large files so don't take long to fully load.

Monster Hole members get access to 37 sets of pictures. These are amateur quality digital stills sized at around 653x500 but some are bigger. There are also 17 sets of screencaps sized at around 1200x680, and while quality is lower than digital stills of the same size would be, they're still okay quality and show off the men and the action well. The gallery pages themselves are very small, and there are no features like slideshows or zip files. You can, however, right click on an image and save it.

Members also get access to the content from its two brother sites, Date Dick Now and Big Cock XXXL. There's also a collection of 56 gay stories, mostly focusing on big dick experiences and married men, just like the site. With titles like Monster Dick in Athens, Married Cop Gets Rimmed and Bathhouse 11-Inch Fuck, you can get a very good idea of what each story is about before reading it. Some have numbers of typos, but I didn't find it difficult to sort these out. There are also sometimes picture updates listed on the member home page on sites called Planet Big Dick and Nip Worship.

Now let's get to the update situation. From 1998 through 2013, the site updated every so often, but not very frequently. In 2014, the site owner had an idea. Monster Hole and its brother sites Date Dick Live and Big Cock XXXL have combined so that they now share updates. Since the three sites have basically the same kind of men and content, this isn't as bad as it sounds, however even with only one site to update the updates are still not very frequent - this is September and there have only been 4 updates this year. One has a typo in the name so it appears to be the same update as the previous one, but when you actually click the links they lead to different updates.

There are some other issues. First off, navigation is not only clunky but when you go to log in, the login link doesn't work. Due to the marrying of the three sites, you must now enter through Date Dick Live's member area link, and why the owner doesn't just put that link on the login page, I can't imagine. Another navigation annoyance is that videos and galleries open in new windows. Then there's the lack of personalization; a bit surprisingly, none of the videos or pic sets come with any kind of descriptions, even though this is exclusive content.

Monster Hole delivers what they promise - big, hairy and married older men in raw pig sex, watersports, nipple play, cock pumping and more. The men here are real amateurs over 40 with big bellies, hairy asses, big uncut cocks and they love sucking, fucking and kink. The site offers 33 exclusive videos, some of which are small and offered as clips while newer ones are 640x480 and offered in full scenes - but there's more. There's the videos from the two other network sites and the story collection, not to mention a few quasi recent shared updates. While Monster Hole has navigation and other issues, I really liked the masculine, hairy men and the raw and very nasty action.

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