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Monster Cock Club promises us guys really big dicks, and they show us some seriously hung models on the tour sucking and fucking. Is this what they deliver in the member area? Well, the guys I found are mostly in their twenties, a mix of twinks, somewhat muscled hunks and guys including college types and your average Joes. Some have unshaved or trimmed pubes while others are shaved smooth, and one guy has a pierced nipple. There's a variety of types of men including white, black and Latin guys. Chances are if you're a regular porn surfer, at least some of the pics on the tour will look familiar to you; not just the guys, but the actual pictures.

The action inside the site is mostly solos, and contrary to what was boasted on the tour, not all the models have monster cocks - there are plenty of average-sized cocks represented, some that are big but not "oh, my God", some dicks that really are impressive and even some on the small side. There are plenty of guys posing for a shoot that don't really jack off or get crazy. There's also some fucking and sucking - mostly duos - and yes, some solos include actual masturbation and big dicks, but real action isn't as common as you might expect, and there are reasons for that.

Despite tour claims, Monster Cock Club doesn't actually host any of its own videos; what it has are picture sets. The Boy Toy Gallery is where you'll find most of the content, with over 300 photo sets, many of which are well over ten years old. These pictures are digital stills that vary when it comes to size, but are mostly around 450x700, and they're average quality. What's funny about this is that I've seen most of these picture sets on other sites, and some of those other sites offer these same pics bigger and at better quality.

The Photo Album section is much like the Boy Toy Gallery, only the pictures are categorized - you'll find amateurs, Asian, classic Latino, group sex, toons and a total of 17 categories to choose from which should be helpful those who are into specific niche gay porn. Photos per set vary in numbers as well as the sizes of each picture. Those looking for videos will find that the XXX Video section lists over 50 feeds in a variety of gay porn niches, but not all are working, and some haven't been for while. The Erotic Story section has a small collection of stories to offer. And there's a collection of games.

Monster Cock Club has one more feed - the Mega DVD Feed. You'll find this listed near the top of the page, and it's the best thing inside the site. Inside it you will find over 200 full gay DVDs of - over 800 scenes - plus hundreds of straight DVDs if you're interested. While the movies are not downloadable, they can be watched in a variety of sizes and mostly look decent. There are even some big dick DVD titles for those who actually joined Monster Cock Club hoping to see huge cocks in action.

Now let's talk about issues. First off, the site doesn't offer any of its own videos, relying on feeds to take care of members who want to watch movies. Next, as far as I can tell the picture section hasn't updated in years; most of the pictures have been around for quite a while and have been shown on many sites. There's no real focus on big dicks in the pictures, either; you're as likely to run across average cocks and really big ones. And the link to the site terms doesn't lead to terms, so there's no way to know for sure if trial members get full access. And then there's all those ads scattered liberally through the member area.

Monster Cock Club does have a pretty good-sized collection of non-exclusive pic sets - probably over 400 of them - but despite tour claims, the site doesn't have any of its own videos. It does offer a collection of gay feeds, but not all of them work, and the feed videos aren't offered for download. The site is littered with ads, it doesn't seem that the picture sections are being updated, and the pics themselves are fairly outdated. Still, there are those feeds and the DVD collection, but you can see the feeds in other sites that also offer their own high quality content and update. Overall I found this site disappointing - I didn't even find all that many big dicks.

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