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With names like Stonehenge XXL, A-Bomb, Titan, Rome and Rocky, one would expect that the men on Mission 4 Muscle are massively-built muscle hunks - and they are. This muscle site not only gives you an eyeful of some of the most gorgeous bodies around, but there's plenty of videos of bodybuilders jacking their dicks, too. There's lots of wrestling and a few other sizzling surprises, as well. We reviewed Mission 4 Muscle three years ago, so it's time to take another look.

The 78 men on Mission 4 Muscle are most definitely bodybuilders, and by this I don't mean that they're competing in muscle contests, although some might, but these men take their bodies very seriously. These hunks spend as much time in the gym every day as many of us do on our couches in front of the television. Expect massive, bulging shoulders, massive biceps, huge meaty and carved pecs, thick thighs and big round muscled butts.

But there's also lots of variety in the physiques here. Tony Larson is a scruffy-faced hunk with a better-than-average gym-fit body with beautiful rolling shoulders and a furry torso. Stonehenge XXL is a massive bodybuilder who has fuckable cleavage between his giant carved pecs and his biceps are huge - he looks like he might play frisbee with 45-pound weights. Peter Valentin is well-built but lean. And Karl Kasper is built more like a competition bodybuilder. Most of the men are Caucasian and I recognize some European hunks here, too. There are about seven black bodybuilders and maybe twice as many Latin men. A lot of these men are familiar faces from other muscle sites: Damon Danilo, Frank The Tank, Derek Atlas and Mike Buffalari, and there are also lots of fresh faces or one-time only performers.

The action on Mission 4 Muscle is quite varied. The first thing that you need to understand is that this is a muscle site. If you're looking for lots of full-on sex with muscle hunks sucking and fucking, you won't find that here, but you will find men featured in solo sessions where they show off their bodies, flex, and pump, then jack their dicks for the camera. Lots of them talk dirty as if they're putting on a show just for you, which I found pretty hot; these sessions end with creamy cum splashing across ripped abs or tree-trunk thighs.

The latest update is called "Frank the Tank - Muscle Release", which features hunk Frank DeFeo working on his backyard pond before heading inside to unload his nuts. But first he strips slowly and flexes his muscles. "Do you like that butt crack?" he asks, rearing the camera. After showing us every inch of his gorgeous body, Frank dry humps the couch. What an ass! After several minutes of grinding the cushions, Frank grunts "Gonna cum." Seconds later he rolls over and lets us watch his dick explode with a thick load of white jizz.

There are lots of wrestling videos with two hunks showing off their strength, but these don't feature any sex, although I didn't watch every single one. Some videos have one bodybuilder rubbing and admiring another hunk's muscles with a very few featuring handjob and blowjob action. One recent video featured two hunks fucking, another sees Frank the Tank getting head from the MILF next door. There's plenty of shower action, mostly solo jack-offs, and there are some bondage videos where a muscle hunk is tied up and manhandled.

There are 202 videos inside Mission 4 Muscle, which is an increase of 44 videos since our last review in December 2013. As before, only the latest five scenes are available for download and they come in WMV format and play at 1280x720. As a new video is added to the member area, it pushes the sixth downloadable video into the streaming queue and it becomes unavailable as free download, but you can still purchase them if you'd like. The paid downloads run between $9.99 and $14.99 and play at 1280x720 to 480x360, depending on the age, and they come in either WMV or MP4 format, although neither are available in both formats, which means you can't buy all of them to play on your Mac, iPhone or Linux computer.

The archived videos are available to stream in either 1140x640 (newer) or 1280x720 (older), I'm not sure why the newest are slightly smaller, that seems a bit backwards, but there you go. The videos are good amateur quality and most are filmed indoors. I found the newer ones were obviously better quality, some of the older ones lack crispness and some have lighting issues. The site doesn't have a full streaming server, so you have to wait for the entire scene to download in your browser before you and go back or forward before the videos fully load.

The site is currently undergoing an overhaul, so it only features 11 picture galleries - there used to be more than 200. The member area says the galleries are under construction and they'll be adding more soon. In the 11 galleries, there are between 25 and 50 pictures each that display at 900x506. They seem to be high-quality screencaps, but some may be digital stills. You view them online in a pop-up viewer, but there is no hands-free slideshow. You can save the pictures individually, although sometimes you have to right-click on the thumbnail and sometimes on the enlarged picture. There's also downloadable zip files.

In 2016 there have been 21 new videos added to the site, an average of one to two updates per month. Updating seems to be a "whenever we feel like" affair with no set schedule. There was one video added in October, two in September, three each in August and July, and two a month for the rest of the year, except February, which only had one.

While these bodybuilders and muscle hunks are definitely hot, I didn't love everything about Mission 4 Muscle. First, as already mentioned, there's the limitation of only the latest five videos available for download, so there's a link on each video's page to get you to buy the downloadable versions, and as I mentioned, they cost anywhere between $9.99 and $14.99 each. And one last complaint is that the non-recurring monthly membership costs $10 more per month than the recurring version.

You have to go into Mission 4 Muscle knowing that it's mostly a muscle site, so you'll see lots of gorgeous hunks and beefy bodybuilders flexing and showing off their well-built physiques. Most of the solo videos end with a jack-off session and cumshot. It was hot watching strong men trying to dominate each other in the wrestling video, but a side-by-side jackoff would have made them even hotter. Mission 4 Muscle gets a bit of a mixed review from me because of the limited downloads, although unlike a lot of streaming-only sites, at least you can download the latest updates here. I think this is largely a good site for muscle fans who enjoy watching bodybuilders showing off, wrestling and pleasuring themselves.

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