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When I first saw the name "Milk Loaded Boys," I assumed milk was being used as a euphemism for cum. Then imagine my surprise when I arrived at the site and discovered it's more of a milk fetish site, if there is such a thing. Twinks and amateur college-aged boys pour milk over each other as they suck each other's cocks, or one may give the other a milk enema that ends with the boy on the receiving end squirting milk from his ass. And after that milky foreplay is done, there's also plenty of barebacking action here. Sometimes a performer may actually fuck his bottom while that ass is still filled with milk and fuck the milk right out of him before shooting his load.

Some of the twinks here are very cute, with boyish good looks, slender chests and nice asses; some of the guys are average, but most are playful in these scenes, and seem to be having a good time playing with each other and incorporating the milk into foreplay, blowjobs and condom-free fucking. And I must say they do a good job. The models are mostly smooth and slender, and they seem to be European, so it's not surprising that all the cocks I saw were uncut.

Milk Loaded Boys offers 10 exclusive full scenes, but sadly this site doesn't add new videos. There is some bonus stuff we'll talk about shortly, but now let's talk videos. They're offered in WMV format in 3 sizes, the largest of which is sized at 1280x720, and all 3 sizes look pretty good. Each is also available to stream, and beside full scenes, each vid is available as clips on a separate page.

The site also offers 20 picture sets, each from half of one of the full scenes. The pics are good quality digital stills sized at 853x1200, and can be downloaded as zip files. There was an issue with all the galleries I checked: that is that when you click a thumb it takes you to a broken image, and the same thing happens when you use the slideshow, so if you want to see the pics, you'll have to download the zip files.

Now let's talk extras. Members get access to 3 bonus twink sites from the same studio: Banged Boys (each video features 1 bottom taking on 3 tops), Boys Fingering (twink ass play) and Boys DP (2 cocks in 1 hole). Expect downloadable videos of the same quality as this site offers, which is a good thing, and also unfortunately only 10 videos per site and no updates. There's also a story collection, although these are general gay stories, not milk related.

And this is a good place to segue to the negatives, as the link to the bonus DVD archive on the top of the bonus page doesn't work, and hasn't worked in over 2 weeks. Beneath the links to the DVD archive are 12 thumbs that are basically ads for a live cam site followed by 2 banners before we finally get to the bonus sites. Another issue is that there's a pre-checked email link on the join page, so be sure you either want to receive emails or that you untick it. And of course, as already mentioned, the site does not update.

Milk Filled Boys has some very unique content - Euro twinks getting milk enemas, spitting milk, dripping milk on their partner while their cocks get sucked and even more milk play, not to mention blowjobs and bareback fucking. The guys are slender and most have uncut dicks, as well. The site only offers 10 episodes, and sadly does not update, and while the bonus sites each offer 10 more videos a piece, they also don't updates. That would have left the DVD archive, had it worked, and members do get a collection of erotic stories to read. Still, for those who don't mind the smallness of the site, which definitely stands out, Milk Filled Boys offers one of the most unexpected gay porn niches I've seen in years.

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