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Military Men Exposed focuses on amateur, straight, military guys. Jim, the site owner, has a fascination with Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard men, and his favorite, Marines. He satisfies his fantasies recruiting horny, all-American men in uniform to stroke their cocks on video and get their dicks serviced. The guys are obviously the real deal: wholesome and clean-cut and mostly athletic or lean.

The guys are 18 to mid-twenties, masculine, straight, and clean-cut. They usually, but not always, start their videos in military gear: camouflage pants, green t-shirts, and dog tags. Their bodies range from slender to athletic, and some are better built than others. A lot of the guys have a tattoo or two, a few are heavily inked. And you can tell that through their nervousness that these guys are amateur military studs who have never made a porn video.

The Marines do a solo jack-off video, and some do a second servicing video where Jim gives them oral action and brings them to orgasm with a handjob. There are two duo sessions, one side-by-side jerk off and another where one Marine fucks another bareback. (Even though the site owner helps the guys out in some videos, I'm still calling them solos.) These episodes open with Jim talking to the guys. He generally asks questions about their sexual experience and sex lives; it's very casual and friendly. Once the guys are comfortable, they strip and get down to business.

Military Men Exposed offers 71 videos featuring 44 guys. You can download a WMV that displays at 870x480 at good amateur quality with decent lighting and sound. There's an iPod / iPhone version that plays at same size with lower bitrates. I actually found these MP4s look good on iPhone and iPod Touch, and pretty decent on my larger screen Android phone.

There are usually 12 screencaps with each episode, but these display in a weird Flash player that I found cumbersome to use. I wish Military Men Exposed would simply display these on a regular gallery page. The pictures are decent quality letting you preview the action from each video. There's also a separate photo section with 49 picture sets with good-sized digital stills, but the picture quality is amateur and a little fuzzy. You can only view the pictures in a slideshow but you can't save them and there are no downloadable zip files.

What I really liked about the site is that I felt that these guys were real Marines and military guys. I never got the impression the site owner just threw a civilian into military gear. I was titillated and turned on by watching guys in these private jack-off moments and getting their first handjob or oral sex from another guy. There's no soundtrack, so we hear the guys talking, sighing, and moaning. There's no camera tricks and the videos have an intimate feel to them.

Having said that, there's always a porn video playing with muted sound off camera. I found that most of the guys watched the video while they jerked off or got their dicks serviced. I would have been more turned on if these Marines were engaged and looked at the camera, letting us see how good their cocks are feeling and that they're enjoying this experience.

Jim, the site owner, is a mature man in his forties, maybe fifties, and he's bearish. Nothing wrong with that, I'm a bear myself. And I didn't mind watching him servicing the guys, if you do, there are still a good number of videos where the guys are taking care of business solo. But what I didn't like is that Jim often comments with "your dick is really hard" or "that was a good load" or "you really worked for that one." I'm not a fan of this kind of thing. Having said that, it's clear that Jim loves his site and loves servicing these guys, and in a world full of mechanical porn, there's something to admire about that.

The site has one important issue, and that's that it stopped updating some time ago. If you join, just keep that in mind and you should be fine.

Military Men Exposed offers horny Marines who are the real deal, and I enjoyed watching their first on-camera jack offs and seeing some of them get serviced by the site owner. There are 71 exclusive videos to download, stream, or view on your mobile; each episode comes with some screencaps, and there are 49 photo sets as well. The big disappointment is that the site no longer adds new content, but there's enough here to keep most members happy for a month, and the monthly subscription price is reasonable. While the site isn't perfect, I think it's worth spending some time there for those into real military guys.

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