Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

Military Fantasy tour page screenshot visit

Military Fantasy shows plenty of very hunky men in uniform and dogtags sucking cocks and fucking, not to mention stroking their dicks, showing off their muscled bodies and firm, hairy asses. There's definitely a lot of eye candy here. The tour includes installments of a journal called the "Captain's Diary", talking about all the sex and masturbation that happens in the barracks, the soldiers who take it in the ass and the way one of the sargeants breaks in the rookies with his cock-can sized cock. The men here look more like male models and porn stars than real amateur army men, probably because they are and this is a fantasy site, not a reality site.

Once you log into Military Fantasy, what you won't find it videos of horny Marines and Army men in action. That's because the site offers no videos of its own at all, neither exclusive nor non-exclusive. The site does offer access to 1 military-themed gay feed, so members will get some uniformed action, and there are also over 250 non-exclusive pic sets, around 60 sets of which are of soldiers in action and the rest are of naked guys and some hardcore action. These pic sets don't update; the photo section hasn't grown since our last visit 5 years ago.

When it comes to extras, members get access to 3 gay reality sites from the same network. These sites each offers between 8 and 10 videos, although these are small and only offered in clips. There is also a small gay story collection and 50+ gay feeds in a variety of porn niches, which might be nice for those who prefer variety, but I'd have liked to see more soldier sex.

Beside the lack of videos and updates, one thing this site does have is ads. There are plenty of banners on the bottom of the page, and additional advertising can be found on most pages including the bonus content page. Also worth mentioning is that some of links to the feeds weren't working. One last thing I wasn't happy about is that the monthly price is near the top of prices one generally pays to join member sites. On the other hand, the site does seem to have removed the pre-checked offer found previously on the join page, which is a plus.

Military Fantasy offers hot military hunks in uniform on their tour, along with a cock-hardening diary telling about a captain's sexual exploits in the service. Unfortunately that's not what you'll find in the member area. You'll find no videos, some older, non-exclusive pic sets of men in uniform plus plenty of general nude men and some hardcore pic sets, although the pics don't uypdate. There are also stories and links to some gay bonus sites (that are small and don't update) plus some gay feeds including one of military action. The bottom line - if you're looking for military men in hot gay action or stroking their rigid cocks, you won't find them here, but you will find an assortment of feeds offering amateurs, hunks and more gay porn. Stil, if you're looking for military action, there are better sites to check out.

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