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Mike is a producer who got his start filming videos for Active Duty, but after the site was sold a number of years ago, Mike moved on. He's now started his own site called Mike's Army Men, and his bio on the site says that got help launching this venture from his friend Major Wood who runs Straight Off Base. Mike's Army Men features a variety of military guys in their twenties jacking off in solos and sucking and fucking in duos and even some threeways. We like watching military guys getting off, so let's get inside and check out these horny studs.

The guys are what you'd expect on a military site: twenty-somethings with athletic to muscular bodies and short haircuts. Some are inked, but many aren't, and I only saw three guys with any body hair to speak of; the rest of them are smooth. The guys are pretty hot, good-looking studs with nice physiques and a variety of cock sizes. The site bills itself as having real straight U.S. Army soldiers

Most of the action is solo jack-off sessions with the guys beating their meat in bed. There's usually a brief introduction where Mike talks to the guys and gets some basic information like where they're from, age and height, and the extent of their experience with guys, then he lets them stroke their dicks. There are a handful of sessions where guys suck and fuck in duos and there are a couple of threeways. Not all of the action features anal sex; a couple of the videos show the guys jerking each others' cocks or exchanging blowjobs, sometimes both. I spot-checked a couple of the videos that had penetration and they were both condomless, although I can't be sure they're all bareback.

Mike's Army Men opened with 30 videos that you can download in MP4 format in three sizes: 1280x720, 480x270 and 320x180. They're pretty decent quality, but they lacked the crispness I like to see: I saw some jaggies, which is pixelation around the edges of the guy's bodies especially when there's movement. But overall the videos are enjoyable and the guys are pretty fucking sexy. You can also stream the videos on the site and they're also offered in the same sizes, except the middle size is a little larger at 640x360. The site doesn't have a full-streaming server, so you'll have to wait for the video to download before you can jump ahead in the action. Also, like the downloads, I found the streaming videos didn't offer the clarity I like to see, but they looked good on my phone.

Each episode comes with five large screencaps that stack down the page under the video. Their original size is 854x480 but they're stretched to 1280x720, so there's a bit of quality loss. You can save the pictures individually, and in their original size they're decent quality. There's no slideshow because there's no thumbnail gallery as such; you simply view each image as you scroll down the page. There's also no downloadable zip files.

Now let's talk about updates. The site launched recently, and so far seems to be updating fairly consistently, usually on Thursdays. The videos are dated and I see that last month they missed one update, but otherwise the site has been updating weekly.

There's a bonus section on the site called Footlocker, and this features 24 videos that Mike shot when he was just fooling around with a camera back in 1995. This was before he even considered having a site and was just exploring his personal fantasy of watching straight military guys jacking their cocks. These are the first videos when Mike discovered that some guys didn't mind him touching their cocks or even getting head. Because the videos are filmed using older equipment, the quality isn't as good as the newer scenes and the videos play at 844x618, but they're still quite enjoyable. Also, these Footlocker videos are only available to stream - you can't download any of them.

There aren't any real problems with Mike's Army Men except for that missed update, but the site has been pretty consistent. I do wish the videos were encoded better to give us a crisp picture quality, but in some cases the videos may be older. I'm always disappointed when the models on any site lack any kind of profile or bio information, as I especially like knowing a bit about a guy's military background and how he came to decide to take his clothes off and make a porno.

Mike's Army Men is off to a great start with featuring American military studs. The guys are mostly jacking their dicks in solo scenes, but there are nine action videos with two or three guys getting off together. There are 30 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles plus the 24 streaming videos in the Footlocker section shot by Mike about 20 years ago. The guys are hot amateurs, and if you like military men the guys at Mike's Army Men look like the real deal.

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