Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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The guy behind Mighty Men, Jon Royce, has an eye for the classic muscle hunk, as well as all sorts of men. There are amateurs here, white, black and Latino, and there are some porn pros. Some of the performers are chiseled, studly men who may have started here and gone on to other things, and others were already muscle porn stars when they appeared on the site. Muscle lovers will certainly recognize bodybuilder and adult star Matthew Rush and muscle model Peter Latz, and Billy Santoro and Colby Keller are top gay porn models. But there are also college dudes and athletic jocks, guys with tats, a few ebony studs and some smooth, average-looking first timers. It's an eclectic mix of men from the ordinary to the sublime, any one of whom you could meet in your local nightclub or bar, though a few of them would be on the stage stripping and showing off their perfect physiques while the others would be cruising the backroom.

As well as having an eye for the hot male, Jon Royce also has an eye for variety. His site offers us the guys naked and posing, jerking off solo style and also getting down hard and fast in gay sex movies. There are threesomes with older guys and college dudes, there are some "straight guys jerking off together" style movies, some where straight guys get their first gay BJ, and also series of movies. Including titles such as "The male escort files," "Secret agent sex" and "The Blackulator," some of the movies have themes and stories with dialogue, others are auditions with interviews, and then there are some which lead us straight to the action and the hardcore with little or no set up.

There are two ways to find the videos in the Mighty Men member area. Head to the Episodes page and you find the first page holds some videos and some galleries, like a kind of "what's new" home page, though it appears that the site last updated in 2013. From then on there are two videos per page and 56 (or 64) episodes. These are the themed videos and make up most of the content. There is a link in the menu to Videos but this brought up links to three of the series and then the scenes from them, so it looks like "Episodes" is the way to go to find all the movies.

The content dates from 1997 to 2013, according to the banner, and so there's going to be some variation in resolutions and quality. Movies come as full scene downloads in WMV and most are also offered as MP4s. More WMVs are sized at 720x480 or 640x480 (a few may be larger) and the MP4s are smaller for mobile users. Streaming movies are also offered in players at 720x480 and you can go full screen, as well. Quality is average to fairly decent, although you'll notice a lack of quality at full screen, and I wouldn't try enlarging the mobile or oldest streaming videos. Movies run for various lengths of time, from 5 to 20 minutes.

Videos come with lengthy written introductions and/or descriptions which set the scene for you. The acting is sometimes a bit wooden, but we're not here for Academy Award-winners, and some of the performances are perfectly natural. The videos aren't glorious HD or great quality, but they do get the job done.

Heading over to the photos area there are 79 galleries, and these are a mix of screencaps at 720x480 and digital stills at between 366x550 to 500x750, though some are scaled down to a smaller size for online viewing. Numbers of images per gallery vary greatly from around 25 to over 500 on some occasions, and they are shown on simple gallery pages where you can decide the number of pics per page. Click one and an automatic slideshow starts up; you are able to save images one at a time but there are no zip files. They are a decent to good amateur quality, and are a mix of solo and posed shots with action and hardcore.

Mighty Men does carry a model index with 51 models featured, and this is another way of finding content. Check out each guy's page where you see a description and some background, as well as links to his videos or galleries. The only extra is a blog linked from the main menu, though this is no longer kept up-to-date.

As mentioned, being up to date is one of the issues I had with the site, or rather, not being up to date. There's a big 2013 at the upper right corner of the page, and the last blog entry was made in 2014; also there are only a few more scenes now than there were in 2010. When you come to download a scene you are asked to put in your username and password again each time.The site also has a pretty amateurish design, clunky and frustrating navigation and the Episodes page is cluttered and hard to follow at first. The Videos page only holds links to the same three series and there are no search and sort options or filters.

Membership to Mighty Men means you get to see the guys, a mix of straight and gay, jock and hunk, bodybuilder and Mr Average, in a mix of action from solo posing the suck and fuck scenes. It's a nice mix of men and action, but it looks like it was someone's good idea that never completely took off. It started well and then slowed down and finally stopped updating. But as an archive of early appearances by a few, now top porn studs, and as a collection of straight guy meets gay, it's an interesting view. With 56 (or maybe 64) exclusive videos that can be downloaded, streamed, and most are available for mobiles. There are also 79 galleries plus the blog. Not the mightiest all-male site to spend some time at, but there's enough there to spend time with if you like the guys you see on the tour.

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