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Michael Fitt is an amateur bodybuilder and we're taking a look at his site. He's got a great physique with powerful arms, muscular chest and bulging shoulders, mighty thighs and he's attractive in a guy-next-door way. He's a brunette who's often got a little face scruff that adds to his good looks, and he seems to really like showing off his body, his workouts and his cock on camera. And I have to say he looks great whether he's wearing a muscle shirt, underwear or nothing at all. Michael has a nice smile, he's comfortable talking to us on camera and many of his videos take place in his garage (where many of his workouts take place), his backyard or around his house.

When it comes to action, not only are there some hot jackoff sessions, but we get to see Michael as he lifts hard and heavy, often talking to us between sets. As he starts to sweat, he'll often take off a layer of clothes or strip naked, and in one of my favorite videos he does sets of military presses and heavy shrugs totally naked, his cock dangling as he works his powerful body. He enjoys dressing up with various outfits including Superman t-shirts, a suit and tie, a muscle shirt that shows his chest off as much as it covers it. And he looks great whether wearing nothing but a crisp, white towel or when wearing nothing at all, smiling his boyish smile before grabbing his dick and stroking it till he shoots his load.

Michael Fitt currently offers 359 video updates, which is a mix of short scenes and full scenes that are broken into multiple updates - there are about 246 scenes total. The videos are offered in QuickTime format, and while the newer ones are good sized (their actual size is 1280x720), they are offered in a streaming player that is significantly smaller, and sadly are not offered for download. Older videos range in size from 720x480 at good amateur quality (recent to medium age) down to 320x240 at amateur quality (oldest videos). I did manage to download some of the videos, and that's how I know the sizes. BTW, the videos are DRM-free and show off his bodybuilder physique very well.

The site has several pages of pictures. Most of these aren't series pics, and they're a mix of pics of Michael working out, posing shirtless, hanging out, face shots, outdoor shots - all sorts of pictures. These seem to be digital stills sized small - the actual pictures may be bigger, but if so, they're constrained to small sizes on the pages of around 312x460.

Let's talk about updates. Michael has recently been adding an update every 1 to 4 days, often adding 1 or both parts of a video, but less than a month ago he was updating less frequently, although he sometimes adds a remastered video from his archives or several archived live shows. On the other hand, sometimes what's listed as an update is a live cam show.

When it comes to extras, there are some nice bonuses at Michael Fitt. First off is the periodic scheduled live shows, and if you miss those, there are over 250 recorded live shows you can watch. Next is the blog, which I quite enjoyed. And there's also a forum where you can talk to fans and Michael, himself. Last is a section listed on the right with videos, pics and recorded live shows from Christian Fitt, who could be Michael's brother, husband or cousin or a buddy who used the same last name as a porn name - but he is a hottie with a great physique. And last, Michael displays some fan art that people have sent him.

Something worth mentioning is that Michael Fitt likes merchandising, and personally I have no problem with that. He sometimes puts a t-shirt or pair of underwear up for sale, unwashed, and is currently offering DVDs of his videos that you can buy with a used jock strap, thong or shirt. He offers one-on-one live shows on week nights via Skype. While he has a "custom DVD" section, the page is currently missing.

I didn't run into a lot of issues here, although I notice that Michael's up and coming live shows aren't always listed on his actual live show page, so be sure to check his "Update Tracker" for announced dates. While updates are irregular, the site is growing, right now at a pretty good rate. I was disappointed that his videos weren't offered for download, and I'd like to see an official biography page where we can learn more about this sexy muscle man, as well as a bio for Christian. But overall I liked what this site has on offer.

Michael Fitt is an amateur muscle man with a great smile, an impressive body and he's very comfortable whether talking to his members on camera, working out heavy or jerking off. His site offers an exclusive collection of over 350 video updates (about 246 full scenes) in streaming QuickTime, plus members get access to his pictures, live shows, 250+ recorded live shows and some more goodies as well. While the site has some minor setbacks, overall it's better than a lot of similar sites, and there's enough content and updates to keep members engaged. And I really enjoyed watching this good-looking bodybuilder pump iron, pose and get off, both live and in his videos at his site, Michael Fitt.

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