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Men Over 30 is dedicated to men in their prime from their early thirties to early forties. These days, it's easy to find daddies in their mid-forties and older, and you can always find plenty of twinks and college-age jocks, but this is one of the few sites out there focusing squarely on men in this age group. These mature men have strong physiques. They're at their sexual peak; hot and horny with plenty of stamina while having enough experience to know how to fuck.

The performers here are a good mix. I found some hot and hairy men and others who are smooth and sexy. Expect a fair number with facial hair (I love bearded gents around 35), while some models wear tattoos and others are more clean-cut. There are some black studs and Latinos, as well as some very muscular hunks. When the site first started 14 years ago, there were lots of amateur men with a considerable number of Cuban men, but these days most of the men are established performers like Jon Galt, Jack Andy, Sean Duran, Joe Parker, Dustin Steele, Max Sargent, as well as stars from the past like Max Cameron, Matt Stevens, Rikk York and Trenton Ducati. But the site still brings us fresh faces, newcomers to porn and other regular performers. And recently, they started bringing in a few younger guys who don't quite make the over-30 cut to play with older guys.

In the early years, Men Over 30 offered a mix of solo masturbation and hardcore sex episodes, but new scenes are exclusively hardcore duos or threeways; I don't know how long it's been since I've seen a solo here. Expect plenty of kissing, teasing, cock sucking and ass eating, not to mention fucking from slow and sensual to hard pounding. And of course, there's all those hot, sticky cumshots.

In "The Glory of Sex", which is one of the newest releases, Jaxx Thanatos is in a public toilet taking a piss, and when he's done he starts talking to the guy in stall beside him. "Hey ... you promised me", he says. The guy inside says that he's not sure about it. Jaxx continues to encourage his buddy to stick his dick through the gloryhole. "If you slide it through I'll let you stick it in me", Jaxx says. Finally, the cock pushes through the hole and Jaxx sucks it for a while. Eventually, Ricky Larkin comes out of the stall to collect on his promised fuck. The guys screw right there on the toilet floor. This is about as complicated as the storylines get, just something quick to get us into the action.

Men Over 30 currently offers 720 exclusive videos in MP4 format, and they add a new one every Friday. The newer episodes are offered in seven sizes, the largest at full HD that plays at 1920x1080 at good amateur quality or better. There are various other sizes ranging from 1280x720 down to 320x178, and the smaller sizes are all mobile compatible. The older episodes are offered in standard definition, and they look pretty good. All the videos, old and new, can also be streamed, the newest releases playing at 1200x678, and again, there are seven speeds available; older episodes play at at 868x650 and come in four speeds.

Each video also comes with a set of pics. These are mostly digital stills, the newer ones sized at 1280x1920 at good quality; the older pics are smaller, sized at 600x800 at fairly good to good amateur quality. The pics show off the men and the action well and can be enjoyed as a hands-free slideshow. You can save the pictures individually or download full sets in downloadable zip files.

Men Over 30 is one of eight sites in the Pride Studios network. Full members get access to all of the sites, which gives you about 2,941 videos in total and three new updates a week. Pride Studios itself releases a new scene about every two weeks and counts as the eighth site even though it's also the network name. Extra Big Dicks features well-hung studs in suck and fuck action and updates once a week; Dylan Lucas brings us mostly daddy-boy sex featuring jocks and men in their thirties or forties, and it updates twice a month. The other sites in the network are High Performance Men, Cock Virgins, Boyz Party and Circle Jerk Boys, and while these no longer update, you still get access to all of their scenes.

Does the site have any issues? Well, there's a pre-checked offer on the right side of the billing page you'll want to read before you sign up, and if you hit the back button from the join page, you may get a pop-up. There's a notification pop-up, and if you agree to receive notifications, your computer will show them at any random time, so you may want to block notifications if others use your computer. Please note that trial members can stream videos but not download them. Also be aware that by signing up, you give the site permission to send you promotional emails, and there's no way to opt out as you join. Also, while the site's monthly option is currently $14.95, subsequent months rebill at a higher rate.

Men Over 30 is a good, solid site with weekly updates and lots of downloadable and streaming video options. There are lots of handsome men in their prime, including some muscle studs, some with hairy bodies and some with tattoos; the newer update feature porn stars with big dicks while the older episodes have a lot of newcomers. There are now 720 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobile, and each comes with a picture set. The network offers seven more sites and a total of over 2,900 videos plus two more weekly updates. If you're tired of twinks and college guys, Men Over 30 has a nice offering of mature men to get you revved up.

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