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Men of Judas (or Les Hommes de Judas) films their content in Quebec and features some very sexy men. The site arranges the guys into seven different genres or categories: Alpha male, bad boy, garçon d’à côté (boy next door), hairy stud, jock, séducteur (lady killer), and tattooed dude. The men are featured in solo jack-off videos, although the site has just debuted its first duo. This site has a completely different style, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they're up to, so join me.

Judas films a mix of known performers and fresh faces. I saw Teddy Torres, Felix Brazeau, Hans Berlin, Brandon Jones, and Manuel Deboxer, but then there were plenty of others who I didn't recognize. All of the men are pretty good-looking with fit bodies. Some of the guys are on the slim but ripped side while others are more muscular. And most of the guys are smooth, but there are some hairy men, too. Since there is a tattooed category, it goes without saying that Judas likes inked guys, but there are plenty of men without tats or who are minimally inked. Foreskin fans will love this site because most of the men are sporting uncut cocks.

Cory Hane is a good-looking guy who is cooking his breakfast for his video. He's wearing only a t-shirt and his big, semi-hard dick hangs freely; when it rubs against a towel hanging over the oven door's handle, it starts to get hard. Cory decides breakfast can wait. He turns off the stove and pulls off his t-shirt and jerks his giant cock there in the kitchen. It's so big that he sometimes uses both hands to unleash his cum load, which falls to the floor. In the next video, Teddy Torres is wearing a black muscle tee, a Britney Spears mini kilt, and black combat boots. He's standing over a toilet rubbing his cock through the kilt. Then he sits on the toilet seat and strokes his fat, uncut cock; he leans back and plays with his nipple and continues jerking his meat until he unloads all over his furry belly.

All of the videos at Men of Judas show the guys pleasuring themselves in creative and interesting settings. Honestly, Judas has a way of making a plain old powder room look damned sexy. The men often start off clothed, and he gets in close with the camera as they strip, teasing us with close-ups of parts of their body. The models are generally stationary, but Judas is moving around them with his camera letting us enjoy every inch of them from every angle. This is pretty seductive stuff, these are some of the hottest jack-off flicks I've ever seen. These men aren't simply doing the deed and cranking out a load.

The videos have an artistic feel, and the producer cares about showing off these men in the best possible way with seductive lighting and settings. These aren't just men lying on a bed jacking their bones, and you won't find guys sitting on a couch and watching a porno off camera. The performers are really into it from start to finish, enjoying every second of it. No one's just doing it for the cash or phoning it in.

The men and their videos are arranged on the homepage in a long collage that runs from top to bottom with various sizes of pictures. Click the picture and get into the guy's episode. You'll find a bit of a description, something like: "Criss Simon has a giant cock and never hesitates to show it off. First tightened in his white wet briefs, then hard and long under the warmth of the shower water."

Men of Judas offers 51 exclusive videos in MP4 format. These are good quality productions, but they're also different from most Pornland solo jack-offs. You can expect to find moody lighting, and Judas loves playing with shadows and lighting levels. The videos stream in a player sized at 914x514. The videos play well on the site's full-streaming servers, and I didn't have any trouble jumping ahead. They're crisp and filmed very nicely. There's a full-screen option, and the videos fare extremely well. They also played on my mobile devices and my editor's, however I was only able to play them with the phone held vertically; while my editor had better luck, he had to adjust the height of the video very carefully when playing on his phone horizontally.

The videos do have a music track laid over them, however it is possible to hear the men panting while they cum. And the music is electronic lounge music that fits the mood, and even adds to it. It's not the loud, repetitive cheesy loops that we generally associate with old-style porno. You may prefer the absence of music, but I didn't find it got in the way of enjoying the action.

Let's talk about issues. I have no idea how often the site updates because there's no schedule listed, and the episodes aren't dated. But a membership only costs $10, so you'll definitely get your money's worth, and the price, while low, is only given in Canadian dollars. Canadian members may want to read the site terms before joining - if you buy a membership outside of Canada (or outside of Quebec), you can't use it in Canada (or Quebec). I didn't love the set-up of the site, while it's visually appealing, clicking back out of an episode takes you to the top of the homepage instead of where you previously were in the collage.

A couple last things I wanted to mention is that I was disappointed that the site fails to tell us anything about Judas himself. Judas has a great eye and portrays these men in such a beautiful way, so it's disappointing that he chose not to present them in picture galleries.

Men of Judas gets full marks from me for featuring a lot of sexy men pleasuring their cocks. This site sets a very high bar; in fact, I'd say it's in a class of its own in the masturbation genre. The men are gorgeous, the settings are unique and creative, and the film style is very sexy. There are 51 exclusive streaming videos, and while I'm not sure how often the site updates, at only $10 the price is right. If you're tired of watching the same old jack-off videos, check out Men of Judas and get ready for something completely different.

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