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I requested to do the review of Men in Pain, which is a little odd since I'm not into women whatsoever. But I do enjoy gay BDSM, so I thought it'd be fun and interesting to check out fems dominating men. I wanted to see how the two types of BDSM differ and I got a titillating surprise.

The men on the site vary quite a bit. These scenes are really about men being dominated by women rather than a particular type of man. The men range in their twenties through to forties, some are slender and fit, others sport athletic to muscular builds, and I saw a few stocky and chubby men, too. Men in Pain is produced by Kink and they tend to use established performers; while my knowledge of straight porn is nil, I saw gay performers I recognized, so I'm going to assume that the straight men on the site are also porn regulars. The women are in good shape ranging from slender or skinny to curvy, and you'll find white, black, Latina and Asian fem doms.

Aiden Starr is a pretty blonde who goes down to the mail room to investigate complaints about mail not being delivered. She balls out the new clerk, a big, bald Latino named Sz. He stammers and stutters while she insults him and calls him names, then when she catches him checking out her tits, and she ramps things up, pushing him to his knees. When Sz touches her ass, she smacks him and ties his hands behind his back. She takes off her shirt and bra and rubs her breasts in his face - they're really beautiful tits, if I do say so - and she says, "Are you afraid I'm going to smack you in the face?" I really enjoyed Aiden's verbal abuse; she's creative, forceful, nasty and believable.

She hangs nipple clamps on Sz's nips and puts weights on them for some extra pain; then shoving her ass in his face she says, "You're going to take 10 hits from this cane, then I'll stick my ass in your face." And after beating him, she rams her ass into his face: "Lick it like the good little ass dog you are." She's making me hot and if she had a big dick, I'd be on my knees grovelling: "Yes, mistress." She makes Sz lick her toes and spreads her legs wide so he can stare at her pussy which is only inches away. Aiden beats Sz's ass with paddles, then fucks him with a strap-on. (There's that big dick.) Finally, she rides his cock until he cums. And as a last humiliation she makes him lick his own cum off her hands, and when he hesitates she yells, "Do it!"

While each scene has a different scenario, you see men being tied up in various ways; beaten with straps, floggers, canes and paddles; the men are forced to lick their mistress' breasts, feet and pussy; they're humiliated and insulted and ordered around; and yes, even the straight men have dildos and butt plugs shoved up their asses.

There are 379 videos or shoots, as the site calls them, and they're offered as downloadable MP4s. Older videos come in three different sizes: 320x240, 460x360 and 640x480 and newer videos in four sizes: 480x270, 640x360, 960x540 and 1280x720. The newest videos are full scenes and have the clearest picture quality, and all vids have good sound so we can hear the men beg, grovel and scream. There are also clips available in WMV that play back at 960x540 and 1280x720 and a third in MP4 playing at 1280x720; you'd have to download six clips to watch the whole movie. You can also stream the videos in four different speeds although the screen size remains at 720x406 or 530x406 for the oldest ones.

Each episode comes with a gallery of pictures that are probably screencaps, although it's hard to tell on the newest scenes because the quality is very good, so they could be digital stills. The newest pictures are offered in two sizes 800x1200 and 533x800 and the older ones are around 487x469. You can download a zip file to view the pictures later or you can view them in thumbnail galleries. You can also save the pictures individually, but there are no slideshows.

Men in Pain apparently no longer updates. The episodes aren't dated, but when I watched that Aiden Starr and Sz video, which was the "most recent", it had member comments from 2008 and the next "most recent" video had comments from 2009. So it looks like Men in Pain is not adding new content. However, your membership includes access to Divine Bitches, another fem dom site from the same studio that is updating weekly. There are another 238 shoots on the bonus site, but with weekly updates - and some pretty nasty action I might add - Divine Bitches might become your new check-in point for fem doms playing with submissive males.

I also noticed that one shoot only had streaming versions, I don't know how extensive this is because I didn't check all 379 videos, but be aware that you may not be able to download absolutely every shoot, although most seemed to have both streaming and downloadable versions.

I might just have discovered a new personal kink in Men in Pain. I really enjoyed watching these men being dominated by sexy fem doms. There's something exciting about seeing a small beautiful woman beating a man's ass with a flogger or making him grovel at her feet. In the case of Sz, he had never had anything in his ass before, so Aiden Starr broke him in, and that was hot. There's a good variety of action with all kinds of different equipment and props. I was actually surprised at how turned on I got watching these scenes, and while the site itself offers 379 vids with no updates, add in the bonus access to Divine Bitches, and there are over 600 scenes to get you revved up.

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