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The name Cameron Kincade might not ring a bell with a lot of porn surfers, but he's made heaps of videos, mostly in the kink and fetish genres. Men Behind Closed Doors is Cameron's personal site where he and his friends get together in private and explore some of their dirty fetishes. We just discovered this site, and there are quite a number of videos, so let's have a look.

Cameron Kincade got started in the business around 2011, and he's a good-looking guy who appears to be in twenties. He's sporting a gym-fit body with nice curves and definition. He's got patches of hair on his chest and belly, his legs are very furry, and he's decently hung. He has appeared on porn sites all over the web, but you've probably seen him sucking on man's toes; feet are his big fetish and he's done dozens of foot play scenes.

Men Behind Closed Doors explores many of Kincade's fetishes. Kincade and a few buddies from the business show us what can happen when a couple of guys let their guards down in private. A lot of these scenes involve Kincade being dominated by a "straight" neighbor or buddy; these scenes go beyond sucking and fucking, but are not so out there that they're unappealing.

There's lots of foot play with toe sucking, sock sniffing, foot licking, guys getting "jacked off" with their buddy's feet. If you like armpit sniffing and licking, there's plenty of that. There's spanking, domination, rough housing, even a bit of piss play. And yes, there are blowjobs, some fucking and lots of dick stroking and cumming. In one scene Cameron does push-ups while getting his bare ass spanked, in another a buddy pours green slime on him and makes Cameron lick his feet, and time and again Cameron gets his ass whacked bright red, often while he's forced to lick his spanker's bare feet or suck their cocks.

One scene I watched was called "He's a Pain Guy" in which Cameron takes a blond buddy over his knee for some over-the-shorts spanking, followed by some bare-assed whacks. Then the guys swap and the blond spanks Cameron's ass with his hand; he gets it a lot redder than his own ever was. Cameron sucks his buddy's dick while getting his ass spanked. "Deal With the Boss" sees Cameron getting his whole body serviced by a hunky guy's tongue. He sniffs and licks Cameron's armpits, chews and sucks his nipples, licks the inside of Cameron's hairy thighs, then sucks his toes while Cameron beats off.

There are 143 video updates on Men Behind Close Doors, but they're not complete scenes. Some are clips that are full scenes broken into as many as three parts, and these also have a "full" version with all parts combined in one. There are also some like Socks Compilation or Cumshot Compilation, which are "best of" reels from all the scenes. The site is not a typical membership site that you join, instead you purchase and download the videos individually. There's no streaming video here.

The videos are offered in MP4 format and play at 768x432. These are amateur productions, but I found the quality quite good. Some could be a bit more crisp, but overall I found the scenes play well and have good sound. You can enlarge the videos to almost full screen, although expect a loss of sharpness and clarity, or you can resize them manually to any size with varying results.

There is a detail page for each video where you can see an animated gif and read a short description. There's no preview video clip and there are no picture galleries.

The site has been open since December 2013 and it does add new content, but haphazardly. In December 2014, it added 22 scenes (both full and part), in November there was only one scene, and in June it added 38 videos, again full and part. So it's a matter of adding Men Behind Closed Doors to your bookmarks and checking back every couple months.

My only other problem with the site is that I'd like to know more about Cameron Kincade and the guys who appear on the site. But mainly, I'd be happy if there was a bio section, maybe some questions and answers, and a blog where he let us know what's he's up to. I don't like that many of the videos are released in multiple parts, but since they are offered as full-length versions, too, it's just a matter of waiting for it.

I have always liked Cameron Kincade. He's good looking, and since I'm also a foot pig, I love watching him working a nice pair of bare feet. Men Behind Closed Doors gives us a lot more than foot play, things like armpit sniffing and licking, spanking, rough play and domination, with blowjob and anal action as well. There are 143 video updates, some of which are full scenes and some are parts of full scenes. The videos are downloadable, and should play on most mobiles, and the site does update, although not as regularly as we might like. In Men Behind Closed Doors, Cameron Kincade offers us a look at some of his personal kinks, and his videos are both fun and exciting to watch.

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