Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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Maximo Latino has been serving up hot and horny Latino guys since 2002. The performers range through their twenties with some in their thirties; some are super hot while many others are regular average guys, the kind you might see just about anywhere. There's a mix of body types so you'll find smooth and slender bodies, some with more definition, some hairy and others much more muscular. Many of the guys here have uncut cocks, so foreskin lovers will be happy, and there are average dicks, big dicks and a few truly impressive rods. The site focuses on clean-cut jocks, muscle guys and regular guys who don't really fit into one category or another. What is missing from the site are the heavily tattooed guys and thugs that many Latino sites give us, and there aren't many guys that I would call twinks either.

There's a nice mix of action, too - the most recently listed videos are an even mix of solo jerk-off sessions and gay sex with plenty of guys sucking and fucking and shooting their loads. Looking through the entire inventory though, you're getting about one-third gay sex videos and two-thirds jack-off scenes. Some of the solos start off with an interview, but others just open with the guys seductively rubbing their crotches and bodies, then stripping out of their clothes.

Maximo Latino offers 461 exclusive videos, most of which are available to stream in QuickTime and MP4 formats. The newer videos and some of the older are sized at 1280x720, but some of the medium aged and older vids are sized much smaller, at 320x240. Quality is sharp and clear at the original sizes, and the larger ones also look good enlarged, but the smaller ones don't fare too well at full screen. Also worth mentioning is that while the newer and medium aged videos are full scenes, the small vids are only available as multiple short clips. Disappointingly, the site removed their downloadable videos, but they do stream and look quite good on most newer mobiles.

Every Maximo Latino video comes with a set of pictures, and there are also a few photo galleries that have no video. All total there are 476 photo galleries with good sized pictures displaying at 774x1161. These are digital stills that are good amateur quality or better, and they show off the guys well. Each gallery can be view as a slideshow or downloaded as a zip file, or if you prefer, you can save individual photos.

Your membership to Maximo Latino also gives you access to Cruiser Boys and Fantasy Boys. Cruiser Boys gives you the same kinds of guys as Maximo Latino in that they're a range of slender to well-defined or muscular guys and jocks, but they're not Latin. Fantasy Boys offers a grab bag of different types of guys; a few were playing in leather slings or locker rooms and some wore army or sports gear, but not a lot. Really, they could have just rolled Fantasy Boys into Cruiser Boys. Listed with the main network videos are 634 streaming videos in a variety of gay and tranny niches. These are actually taken from feeds and mixed in with the main content, and most of the network updates listed are actually vids taken from the feeds, not from the network's own sites.

There's a few negatives to the site. First, after years of updates, the site seems to be recycling content, which means taking older content and re-dating it to appear to be new productions. Still, there's enough there to keep members busy for a while. Also a let-down is that the site no longer offers their videos for download; it's streaming-only now. While the tour still offers downloadable videos, there aren't any; the tour also offers 240 DVDs, but they have been replaced with the streaming video section. One last thing has to do with another claim. They say they have 2,305 movies in the network, and that they update four times a day. Even if that was true, most of the content is from the bonus videos and feeds - not from the site, which has stopped growing any larger.

Maximo Latino features hot Latin men from all over the world including South America and Spain, a mix of everyday guys and gorgeous hunks with bodies from slim to fairly muscular, and there's plenty of Latinos stroking their uncut cocks as well as some hardcore man-on-man action. The site's 461 videos and 476 picture sets give members lots to view, and while the vids are no longer offered for download, they do look good (the oldest are small, though) and play on newer mobiles. Yes, the site has stopped growing (although they still show current update dates) and they exaggerate their video offerings, but there's two bonus sites plus lots of third-party videos, as well. Despite the downsides, If you're partial to Latin men and uncut cocks, I'd say that Maximo Latino still has a lot to offer.

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