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Masters of Muscle pays tribute to bodybuilders and hulking muscle men on this artist site. With contributions from photographers and graphic artists from around the world, this site has a huge collection of morphed images, drawings, sketches, paintings, and toons. It's not your typical gay porn site, but serious muscle worship fans will appreciate the fantasy content with an artistic flare. And since our last review in 2010, this site has more than tripled in size, so let's take another look.

In the case of the photos on Masters of Muscle, an artist will take a photograph and morph it, giving us an exaggerated look at how a man might appear with fantastically super-huge muscles. Using a bunch of different graphics and 3-D rendering software, the artists can give a man 32-inch guns or thighs that are as big around as most men's waists. But this site doesn't just offer photos; there's a good selection of drawings, paintings, sketches, and cartoons where the artists start with a blank canvas and create their ultimate fantasy muscle hunks.

There are a number of different sections displaying these creations. Several categories display the original photographers manipulating their own work; likewise there are several sections where other artists morph the pictures of their favorite beefcake men. There's a 3D section, another devoted to various types of muscle represented in art, and there's sci-fi fantasy and bear art sections, too. And there's even an anthropomorphic section that explores the blending of human and animal characters, all with mammoth muscles.

Masters Of Muscle is a muscle worship site, so that means you're going to find limited nudity and sex. This site isn't about cock and fucking - it's about the beautiful male muscled body. But there is some full nudity, and often these cocks are enhanced, too; and we're not just talking big - we're talking BIG!

There are about 7,400 images throughout the site's 10 categories, and the images come in a variety of sizes too numerous to mention. Each of the categories usually sub-divides the pictorial creations by artist, but you can also search for your favourite artists in the site's search engine. Some artists have a handful of pictures, others have over a hundred. There's an eleventh section called Morphed Muscle, which is the original site that eventually became Masters of Muscle. This section keeps the original site intact and you'll find morphed pictures as well as regular photographs of muscle men and bodybuilders in all their bulging natural glory. And actually some of my favorite morphs are in this section - I found a lot of the morphing looks more natural.

Masters Of Muscle is a different kind of muscle site, but if you crave muscle and like to let your imagination run wild, this site is sure to hit the spot. With over 7,400 pics, you'll have heaps of stuff to ogle and enjoy. The world has gone video crazy and everyone is filming with their cameras and cell phones, but I found Masters of Muscle refreshing in that it takes us back to the beauty of photography and art. This site gets us to slow down and enjoy what we're seeing. If you like fantasy hunks, impossibly huge bodybuilders, and massive muscle men, then Masters Of Muscle is a site you'll want to check out.

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