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If you really enjoy pigging out on guy's feet, Master Tim has an eyeful for you. This German foot fetishist has a collection of videos featuring over 50 guys filming their feet and footware and talking dirty while you perv and watch. The last time we reviewed this site it hadn't been updating, but there's been movement over there, so I'm taking a fresh look at this dirty site.

Master Tim is 32 now, but most of the guys are his site are in their early twenties. They are a collection of bad boys, thugs, miscreants, ravers, skaters, and rough studs who don't mind you looking at their bare feet while they run their mouths. A lot of the guys have their email or Skype addresses on the site so you can contact them - if you dare - and some even have their phone numbers posted.

Let's be clear; Master Tim is not for guys who think men's feet are sexy. This is a full-on, in your face, foot worship and degradation site. Let me take you through the first video I watched. KrisHawk is a 21-year-old, pot-smoking skater who is talking about his new shoes - a pair of DC High Tops - and he's sitting on the floor with his feet in the camera. He tells me that he's had these shoes for about a week and hasn't taken them off since he got them. He can tell that his feet are good and smelly. He sparks up his pipe and takes a toke. "You just like looking at this shit", he says pointing at his shoes. "You faggots are something else." He rubs his sneakers together making them squeak, then he takes them off and rubs his socked feet along his skateboard wheels. He finally pulls off his socks and wiggles his toes in the camera, taunting us with how bad his feet smell.

KrisHawk's video is typical of what you'll find from the other guys, but he also has videos of guys worshiping his feet where they rub and lick them. In others he degrades the guys by rubbing his bare or socked feet all over their faces, calling them names, spitting on them and talking dirty. He had one guy working his feet with his mouth for a full 22 minutes.

There are over 390 video clips on Master Tim. They stream at a size of around 420x240, and I didn't find any downloadable vids. There may actually be some videos for download on the site, but honestly, it's such a messy site with all kinds of nooks and crannies that it makes reviewing it a difficult job. For instance, I counted 399 videos in the main video area, but the site says there are 450 clips, so I've possibly missed some in all the twists and turns.

The videos are amateur productions so you can expect all the quirks that come with home filming, but overall they felt like the real deal and if I were an enthusiastic foot pig, they would have gotten my balls tingling.

There are lots of pictures - the site says over 14,000 of them, but again, the lack of organization on this site makes it hard to give an accurate total. There are 55 foot masters on this site, and every guy has at least one picture set, but some have several - even up to twelve sets. The pictures vary in size from 300x400 to 800x531, but there may be some larger or smaller ones, too. You can right-click save the ones you like, but there aren't any slideshows.

Are there any drawbacks? You have to know going in that this site is maintained by a foot fetishist, and he's not a designer and organization and consistency are not his strongest traits. There is a loose set-up with Galleries and Videos sections that take you into the various pages of each of the guys, but you'll find lots of "more" buttons and arrows to click at the bottoms of pages. This meandering and confusing set-up is actually part of the turn-on because it keeps you guessing, and I had some exciting moments when a click took me into a whole new layer of "OMG - there's more!". It's a reviewer's nightmare, but a curious foot pig will probably love discovering new dirty stuff around every corner.

Lately Master Tim has been adding new stuff every month. It's June 2014, and it looks like 7 of the guys added 7 new videos and 187 new pictures. There were five updates in May, but the site doesn't indicate what was updated. And the site also added new stuff in the months previous.

Master Tim is not going to be for every foot fetishist. But if you really enjoy worshiping a guy's feet and don't care if they're clean, dirty, smelly or covered in sock fluff, then some of these videos might make you cum without touching yourself. Some to these guys are fantastic dirty talkers and got me thinking pretty hard about having them rubbing their stinky feet all over my face. In terms of organization and the things you'd expect from other membership sites Master Tim is a mess, but like I said up top, that also creates an unexpected level of titillation. Somehow the amateur bad boy foot masters in homemade videos and the haphazard site construction and navigation all work together to create a truly unique and exciting site.

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