Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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Master Lewis is a site catering to fans of male foot play and tickling. The site features jocks in their early to mid-twenties getting their socked and bare feet worshiped, tickled, and dominated. There are 38 guys on the site, and they're sporting some pretty sexy and well-defined bodies. These are athletic guys with ripped bods, the kind you'd find shooting hoops shirtless on an outdoor basketball court or playing a game of shirts and skins touch football in the park.

The performers are mostly a good-looking bunch; they're mostly white, but there were a few black, Latin and Asian guys in the mix, as well. Most of them have smooth bodies and very few tattoos, and when they do have ink it's just a small piece or armband. These guys are largely amateurs, but I did see a couple of guys who went on to have bigger porn careers, like Mason Wyler. And while they're genuine amateurs, a number of the guys do a lot of repeat performances.

Master Lewis himself isn't some older daddy perving on younger guys, not that there's anything wrong with that - he's a jock himself. A good-looking blond stud with a beautiful chiseled body, a fat uncut dick and a sexy Scottish accent. He is featured in a lot of the videos playing with his buddies' feet, but he does some solo scenes where he jacks his dick and cums on his feet. In fact, a few other guys on the site do the same. The models each have a short bio page with some basic stats and information, but there are no links from this page to any of their scene appearances.

Spanish stud Fernan starts off bare chested but wearing jeans and sneakers and he sits back on the bed while Master Lewis removes his sneakers and tickles his socked feet, then he pulls off Fernan's socks and works over his feet with an electric tooth brush. In another scene Master Lewis plays with two guys' bare feet at the same time, in another video he sits naked on a couch jacking his cock while another stud licks his feet and fondles himself. Sometimes the guys are restrained for their tickling sessions, other times they're not.

There's some cock action with guys stroking themselves and cumming on their bare feet. But I also saw a video where a horny stud sucked Master Lewis' cock and a couple of others where guys lied ass to ass jerking off while licking each other's feet. I also some videos with guys giving foot jobs to their buddies. And while a lot of the videos feature nudity, cock, and cum, not all of them do.

I counted 190 videos inside the Master Lewis members area, almost the exact same number at the time of our last review five years ago, so I think it's safe to say that the site is no longer updating. The videos are available in streaming Flash and they play at 620x374. They are offered in clips between two and three minutes each, and each session with a guy has two to four clips. These amateur videos were probably considered decent quality five years ago, but by today's standards, they lack sharpness and clarity. There's no DRM on the site and the movies play smoothly, but none of them are available for download.

There are 277 photo sets here, also about the same as our last visit. I found a little more variety in the picture sets than the vids - you'll find pissing, boot fetish, plenty of foot fetish stuff, guys in underwear and naked, and of course tickling and domination, as well as plenty of cocks and masturbation. The pics range from 598x448 to 960x720, some are more crisp than others, and they mostly appear to be digital stills; a few have some lighting issues or lack of sharpness.

The site offers live shows, but I wasn't able to check them out. You need a premium membership costing $10 more to view the live shows, and given that the site didn't appear to be updating, I opted not to spend the extra money. Also, you need Yahoo Messenger to view the shows - does anyone use this anymore? - and you have to email Master Lewis in advance in order to be added to the show list.

The lack of growth between this and the last review five years ago suggest that the site is no longer adding new content. However, it appears that Master Lewis recycles four scenes on the homepage and changes the dates so they appear to be new productions. The tour also claims the site has 833 video clips, which seems exaggerated since I only counted 190 individual sessions, and even with four segmented clips each (some only had two clips) that would be 760 clips. The videos could be re-encoded so they're more crisp. There's also a pre-checked offer on the join page for another gay foot fetish site, so uncheck that if you're not interested.

Master Lewis offers a lot of sexy guys getting their feet worshiped and tickled, and there's plenty of other kinds of foot play and cock stroking to keep foot lovers happy. But the site gets a mixed review because the videos aren't as crisp and clear as we find on more up-to-date sites, as well as because of the lack of growth. Still, while the site no longer appears to be updating, there's enough content here to keep you busy for the duration of your membership.

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