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Master Diablo is a sexy black muscle hunk, and today we're checking out his Just For.Fans feed. He sets the tone in his brief profile: "I’m a Cash Master possessed with the burning desire to dominate the weak. Like a Father, I punish and reward as I see fit. Like a Lord, I demand tribute." Sounds hot and I want to see more.

Master Diablo's latest post features a 20-second video where he's naked but only in the frame from the waist up. He's reclining and you can tell he's holding his cock; after a few seconds he finally pulls his meaty dick into the frame, and the video ends. The comment with the post asks "Which Slave wants to clean up my heavy load with his tongue?" A commenter who calls himself Slave of Master Diablo replies "Yes my King, I dream of being there at your place to suck and lick all the cum like a good bitch and show you with pride, mouth open and waiting for the command to swallow it all up."

I looked up Slave of Master Diablo and found him on Twitter. He's posted a picture of himself on his knees and head down holding a sign that says, "Property of Master Diablo." His profile says: "36-year-old inferior white guy. I am newly black owned by an dominant superior Black master @Master_Diablo_ I serve him and his BBC which runs my life completely."

Master Diablo is a muscular black man with plump, carved pecs, built shoulders and strong biceps, and both of his upper arms are tattooed. He's got thick thighs and a huge bubble butt, and he's packing a uncut cock, meaty when it's soft, big and thick when it's hard. And he's full of attitude.

So this is what you can expect from Master Diablo. "Pathetic foot slaves, get on your knees and worship my perfect wet soles. It’s your only purpose in life", he says in another post. The accompanying 35-second video has him towering over me so it's as if I'm on my knees looking up at him. He flexes his pecs a few times, making them dance for my pleasure. Then he lifts his big bare foot and holds it in front of my face. He lets me gaze at the sole of his foot, then he puts it down and flexes his arms. He turns around and shows off his magnificent round ass, and before the video ends, he's flexes that gorgeous butt like bodybuilders often do. "A good little bitch boy never wastes a drop of piss. Open wide", he says in another post along with a short video where he lets flow a stream of golden urine as if he's pissing on me; he looks at me confidently, then flexes one arm, then both.

Finally I came across a seven minute video Master Diablo posted a month ago. He's sitting back on a couch, completely naked. He lets me gaze at his beautifully strong and sculpted upper body. He pulls his cock out of his track pants; it's already rock hard, and be begins stroking it. He teases me while he jerking his big dick. He likes running his fingers across his nuts, that really seems to get him excited. Then finally, after a few minutes, he starts to pant and purse his lips. He's going to blow any second. He reaches down for one last tickle of his balls and his hard-on explodes with thick white cream all over his belly. Some of his videos are shot at home, others - and even more exciting - are filmed in a private cubicle at the gym, and we can hear men's voices in the changing room, which means that Master Diablo is filming himself within earshot of unknowing gym goers.

Then, a few movies later, I get an exciting bit of information about Master Diablo. Until now, I haven't heard him speak. But in a post-workout video, I finally hear it – his sexy British accent. Oh, my God! I just about wet myself on the spot. There's nothing hotter than hearing a muscular hunk running his mouth with a full-on British accent. It's a beautiful contradiction of extreme politeness and dirty nastiness. He smells his armpits, and tells me how ripe they smell. "Sometimes I even turn myself on", he says. He continues peeling off his workout gear and tells me how sweaty he is. He finally pulls his hard-on out of his underwear, then he kneels on the floor and grabs it in his hand. After stroking for a minute, he says "So how about it - want to see me cum in the next video?" Oh man, he knows how to tease.

Master Diablo has filmed 87 videos so far and they're all available to you when you follow him, which will only cost you $10. They range in length from a few seconds to several minutes, but I didn't see any longer than around seven minutes. The size of the video is going to depend on your device. As well, he films these sessions in a mix of portrait and landscape orientation. I have a 26 inch monitor on my desktop, so those landscape videos played from 674x380 to 1200x674. They're amateur to good amateur selfie videos with decent sound, although he doesn't always speak. The videos are in MP4 format and stream in a player that offers a full-screen option.

There are 187 photos on Master Diablo's feed, and they're good-sized at around 740x1200. Some are selfies probably taken with his cell phone, and they've pretty decent quality; others are screencaps from the videos and they've fairly good quality but not terribly crisp. You view these on the site, but can't save them unless you take a screencap using your device.

Master Diablo started his JustFor.Fans feed in March 2018 and his last post was July 28, which is just a couple of days from when I'm writing this review. He's made 167 posts with 87 videos and 187 photos, so he's quite active, although he doesn't seem to post every day.

Are there any problems? No, not really. Many JustForFans sites have a store where you can buy the videos, but Master Diablo doesn't have his set up yet. Others have an SMS chat pricing and downloads available, but again, this feed doesn't. I wish that he had a better profile that gave me some basic stats and a bit more information about him. And, like most JustFor.Fans feeds, there's no real tour.

Master Diablo is a sexy, black muscle hunk who exudes confidence and attitude. He's works hard in the gym and he loves showing off his body and his big cock. And he knows that we love watching him. He's a self-described dominant Cash Master who happily accepts tips from his stable of fans and willing to take on others, and I gather from his Twitter feed that he showers his tipping slaves with extra pictures and video gifts. But there's plenty on Master Diablo's JustFor.Fans feed to keep you churned up and entertained for the month. And if you want more interaction, it's available if you you're willing to pay for it.

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