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Mark Wolff is a bodybuilder who got started modeling in 1995 and has appeared on over 50 magazine covers including Men's Workout, COLT, Playgirl, and Men's Exercise. He started a production company and his site Mark Wolff.com in 1999, giving us muscle worship, solo jerk-off sessions and wrestling videos. It's been over five years since we last reviewed the site, so let's head back to see what's been happening.

Mark Wolff features all kinds of bodybuilders, muscle men, and fitness models with hard bodies. The men are pretty well known among the muscle sites, so you can expect to see performers including Peter Latz, Mike Buffalari, Alain Lamas, Ted Colunga, Frank Defeo, Matthew Rush, and Robert Van Damme, to name a few. Many more looked familiar, but I didn't recognize their names, however muscle isn't my preferred niche. The men appear to range throughout their twenties and thirties, maybe even a few in their forties, and they're sporting hunky bodies that come from lots of hard work in the gym.

There are a few wrestling videos with muscled hunks oiling up and going a few rounds on the mats before they jack off together; otherwise the rest of the sessions are solos with the men pumping and posing, flexing their muscles, stripping, and showing off their gorgeous bodies from every angle before they jack off all over themselves. You'll find lots of the men in the gym or the bedroom, some in the shower and there are a few outdoor sessions as well.

Talking about the videos is cumbersome because there are several different sections, so bear with me. Under Videos there are 45 bodybuilder and 37 fitness model videos, there are six wrestling videos, and 18 in a section called Exxxtra Videos. These are streaming videos that play in an embedded Flash player in two sizes - 720x460 and 480x300 - however I did see a few sessions that came in three different sizes. There's a full-screen option available, but most of the videos don't hold up very well.

There's also Mobile Downloads that features six movies that you can download and they come in M4V format and play at 480x270. There's another section called Video Downloads featuring six full-length DVDs and these are in WMV format and play at 720x480. There are 17 full-length DVDs showing on the site and you can watch each of the DVDs scenes in high and low around the same sizes as listed above. At least some of the videos are taken from these DVDs, but it's hard to tell if others were shot for the site. I didn't include these DVD scenes in the site's video count since at least some are the same vids found in the other sections.

Mark Wolff offers 247 photo galleries divided into three sections: fitness, bodybuilder and XXXtra. The pictures range in size from 400x600 to 666x888, although there may be other sizes, too. You can view the pictures online one at a time or use the slideshow feature you can also save them individually, but there's no zip download files. The pictures are good amateur quality digital stills and there are anywhere from 20 to 100 pictures per set.

Comparing video counts from the various sections taken from our last review in 2011, there hasn't been much change in inventory, so the site doesn't seem to be adding new content. A muscle hunk named Justin Chandler is on the homepage and showing that his content was added on February 12, 2016, but I easily googled him and found the exact same photos on another blog in a post dated 2009. So it appears that Mark Wolff is on autopilot and just moving the content around and re-dating older content to make the site appear active.

There are a number of claims on Mark Wolff's tour that just aren't met. The site says "hundreds of exclusive models" in one place and "200 models" in another, and even "exclusive" is debatable as most of these men appear on other sites, although their videos are unique to Mark Wolff. The tour claims the videos are DVD quality, but I didn't find many of them were very crisp at all, certainly not "crystal clear" as the tour also states. And the biggest problem here is that the claim of "a new video and photo set every week" just isn't true. Finally, there's no information about the men, there are no bios or stats or details about their workout routines or where they live, there's just no way to get to know these hunks better except to watch them.

The Live Cam section takes you offsite to Flirt 4 Free where you can chat with a variety of guys, and indeed chatting is free, but if you want to see full nudity or action, you'll have to pony up some extra cash to chat with the guys privately. And there's a pop-up on the tour when I logged in that also points members to the same live cam site.

Mark Wolff was a fairly decent site back when it was active, but it's a hard one to score by today's standards. Only some of the videos can be downloaded, the quality isn't crystal clear, although it's still pretty decent, and the streaming option is limited to Flash, so it's hard getting ecstatic about Mark Wolff. And the site hasn't updated for a while now. However, there's a decent amount of content with 106 videos plus the 17 full-length DVDs, the men are generally handsome and of course well built, and if you like muscle, wrestling, and solo jerk-off sessions, there's enough here to keep you happy for the length of your membership.

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