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Mankind Video is an online store that features mostly products from Helix Studios, the well-known twink gay porn site. There are a few other studios represented in the DVD section, and there's a selection of sex toys, lube and a few other things, so let's take a look

As far as stores go, Mankind Video was nicely designed and easy to navigate. While the name Mankind Video conjures up one thing in my mind, I quickly became aware that this is a Helix store that offers 230 of the studio's DVDs. There's also a small selection of DVDs from a couple of other studios, but that's it. If you're looking for anything other than twinks and guys under 24 years of age, you're not going to find it here.

I don't know if they have plans to offer a wider selection of DVDs from other studios in the twink niche, but I hope they're considering it - this could be a great store to shop for twink DVDs, but instead it's really just a place to buy Helix Studio products. Of course, if you're looking for Helix DVDs, you'll be happy to know you can find them here.

I did like the attention to detail Mankind Video pays on the individual DVD pages. A lot of other sites barely give you anything more than a DVD title, box cover and a price, but Mankind Video pulls out all the stops with very thorough details pages. There's the standard title, studio name, pricing and box cover, but you can view enlarged images of the front and back covers. There's a full description, a video preview, and a casting listing with pictures of the performers. These are clickable, so if you want to see more of your favorite guys and their DVDs, they're easy to find. There's also a review section where you can check out what others thought of the DVD or add your own review. At the bottom of the page there's a detailed scene breakdown with a picture. And the page ends with a recommended products section.

The site has a wish-list feature, but this requires that you register and log in, which I guess is pretty standard. You also have to register to make a purchase; you can't order as a guest.

You can browse the DVD section by using a number of categories on the sidebar, but honestly, this just re-sorts the 230 Helix Studios DVDs into different configurations. There are 284 DVDs in total: Helix Studios - 230, Spank This - 35, Staxus - 14, and Latin Studs - 5.

Mankind Video features an Apparel, Adult Toys, and Lubes section, all of which I found equally unimpressive. The Apparel section offers two Helix Studios t-shirts (no underwear or jockstraps), Adult Toys gives you one page (24 products) of fairly standard dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators that you'll find on any online sex toy store, and the Lubes section offers 10 different brands of lube.

The check-out process is pretty easy, but as I said earlier, you can't order as a guest. Mankind Video aims to get all orders out within one day, and they use the US Postal Service. There are no other shipping options. They'll happily exchange defective DVDs, but there's no exchanges available of sex toys, which is standard for all stores.

I wasn't terribly impressed with the selection at Mankind Video. If you want a Helix Studios DVD, this site is great, but if you want anything else, you're better off going somewhere. It's too bad because the store in nicely designed, easy to use, and they offer excellent details and previews on all their DVDs. I realize that a Helix store wants to sell Helix products, but with Helix Studios' well-known name and reputation, their online store could be the premiere shopping destination for twink lovers, but they'd really have to expand their section to achieve that.

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