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With a name like Man Up Bitches I wasn't sure what to expect from this site, but it didn't take very long to figure out that it offers a lot of different kinds of fetish play and kinky sex. There's a heavy emphasis on ball busting and foot play with lots of domination and bondage, but the action here takes quite a bit of explaining, so let's get started.

The men on Man Up Bitches are a mix of amateur guys and a few gay porn regulars like Jessie Colter, Cameron Kincade, Alex Adams and Van Wilder. They're in their twenties with athletic or well-defined bodies. The site is run by Lance Hart and he plays around with a lot of the guys on his site, but he's not featured in every scene.

The action on Man Up Bitches is pretty kinky, and each scene usually has some kind of a story line. I watched one video where Superman and the Magnet were fighting and both were wearing their super hero costumes. The Magnet subdues Superman with kryptonite and kicks him in the balls, then Superman finds himself strapped to a wall and gets his cock edged and milked -- the Magnet wants Superman's sperm so he can breed a devious army of super villains. Another scene has a guy who reneged on a loan from a gangster, the loan shark tied up the dead beat and suspended him in the air, then tickled him, made him lick his bare feet and eventually jacked off the bound man. And a third video has a guy taking out years of frustration on a straight bully, kicking him in the nuts, stripping him naked and playing with his cock, and finally he jacks off the bully who unloads into a measuring cup.

As I've said, there's a heavy emphasis on foot play here: foot jobs, foot worship, licking and sucking toes, rubbing, and tickling. The site owner is also really into ball busting so you'll find lots of guys getting their nuts punched, squeezed and kicked. A lot of the scenes involve bondage followed by domination, spanking, tease and denial play, wrestling, and ruined or denied orgasms. I can't tell you how much sucking or fucking there might be, if any, because I was only given five scenes to watch, but clearly if you're into fetish and kinky play this isn't going to be a problem. And by the way, ruined orgasms was new to me and involves a guy's cock jacked until he starts to cum, then his tormentor starts tickling him to ruin the pleasure of his orgasm.

There are 328 videos on Man Up Bitches. Some of them are full scenes, others are partial scenes of a longer session (between two to four parts). And if a scene is made up of multiple parts you'll also find another version containing all of them, so it's really difficult to give you an exact full-scene count. This site is a pay-per-download site. You can't buy a membership but rather you purchase the scenes you want and download them. They're in MP4 format and display at 960x540; there's no streaming on the site. The videos are good amateur quality and I found the acting was pretty good and realistic. There are no picture galleries on the site.

Another thing I really liked about Man Up Bitches is that each scene comes with a comprehensive write-up explaining what the scene is about and what's happening. The site also has a very useful category search with about 30 different niches so that you can easily find more super hero, foot jobs, ball busting, and others. And the performer names are clickable so you can find more of your favorites.

The site updates haphazardly. In November 2014 one full scene was added; in October there were give additions, some a few days apart, others in sequential days; eight new videos were added in September. This shouldn't be a huge problem since you're not buying a standard membership but only the scenes you want.

Are there any problems with Man Up Bitches? Not for me really. While this is a download-to-own site, it'd still be nice if the updates were more regular or reliable. I'm not a huge fan of the pay-per-download model, I'd prefer it if Man Up Bitches were a regular membership site, but I can deal with it because the content is so unique and this kind of action isn't easily found on other sites. Finally, the site could do a better job of adding each video to all the different niche categories.

Man Up Bitches is a breath of fresh air with a unique theme and good execution. I found the videos were both fun and a turn-on to watch. If you're looking for full-on sucking and fucking, this isn't the site for you. But if you like guys in kinky play, you'll find lots here to keep you watching. And I haven't found a site out there yet that offers so much ball busting content, and this combined with all the various foot play scenes gives you some very focused and kinky content. The play sessions were realistic and believable, and I felt like the guys were getting off on what they were doing, not just going through the motions; I'd be pretty happy with my purchases. If you like kink you'll want to check out Man Up Bitches; it's a bizarre, fun and hot fetish site.

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