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Man Buttered is a bareback site with a twist - or an explosion is probably more accurate. European guys in their twenties suck and fuck raw in videos and take big loads of cum in the face till they're literally covered with dripping cum. Since no one can shoot that much jizz, we can assume that the cumshots are not entirely real, but they are an interesting fantasy. The guys are cute enough, and as they are European there's plenty of uncut cock and foreskin. I loved watching the guys slobbering all over big, uncut cocks. But the site's focus is definitely the massive cumshots.

The action here is about what you'd expect from an Eastern Euro site featuring amateurs barebacking. The guys aren't entirely comfortable with the cameras, so they tend to peer at them or at the director periodically, but in the videos I watched, the tops' cocks stayed hard at all times. The videos clearly catch the barebacking - you can clearly see no condom is used as the bottoms' asses are fucked. The sex may seem a bit mechanical as the tops do seem a bit uneasy to be on camera and the action follows a set pattern that as the bottom gets down on all fours, faces his butt hole to the camera, and he starts squirting milk out of his ass.

The Man Buttered scenes don't end there. Man Buttered wants to deliver a facial cumshot, so after getting his ass fucked, the bottom gets on his knees and sucks off the top. And when it comes time for the top to "cum," he pulls away and squirts a load of creamy goo all over the bottom's face - and I do mean ALL over. Or sometimes the top ends up getting his own cum dripped from the bottom's ass onto his face. And this is the fantasy, because there's way too much of the "cum" to be real - it's like an elephant is shooting his load all over this guy's face. Still, it's a fantasy, and if you fantasize about seeing a guy shoot an impossibly large load of cum so it covers his partner's face, you'll probably want to check this site out.

Man Buttered offers 24 videos, which are good amateur quality. They're fairly crisp and clear and offer a variety of camera angles. The videos on this site are offered in both downloadable and streaming WMV format at a bitrate of 2.12 Mbps and the vids are sized at 720x480. It's also worth mentioning that the videos are DRM-free, so they'll play for most users and will continue to play after your membership has expired.

Each scene also has a gallery of what are good amateur quality digital stills to let you check out the action in more detail. While the pics are not offered in downloadable zip files, you can download each one individually in a larger size via the link at the lower left corner of the pic that says "Download photo (1200x800)." I was happy with the pics, that show off the action in good quality.

Man Buttered members get bonus access to Barebacked, and that gives you more exclusive bareback sex scenes to watch or download, as well as 2 monthly updates.

The main issue here is that the site doesn't update - it has only 1 more video than it did in 2010. When joining, please note that there's a pre-checked offer on the join page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site membership. Also worth mentioning are that trial memberships rebill at $14.95 more per month than full monthly memberships do. Last, I checked out the "Bonus Videos" option on the navbar, but it's not bonuses at all. This selection leads you to a section with four DVD titles, but you have to pay to watch them.

I love Eastern European guys, so this site had the potential of being a big turn-on for me, and of course, there's loads of uncut cocks. There are 24 downloadable videos, each with pics, but this site isn't updating. But then there's the bonus site, Barebacked, which offers members more raunchy bareback sex and some updates. The big question is whether the huge fake cumshots are a turn-on or a turn-off for you, and I suspect some guys will really like them while others will find them overdone. Personally, while I wish the site were bigger, or at least were still updating, I liked the uncut cocks and guys dripping with massive "cumshots."

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