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If you've spent much time cruising gay personals sites, chances are good you've heard of ManHunt. The site is one of the best-established dating and hookup sites around, but while I had heard of it many times, this was my first visit. I have to say I was impressed with the selection of men - twinks, average guys, daddies, bodybuilders, hairy guys, guys with smooth chests. There are horny guys looking for someone to get off with, men looking for kink and fetish play, members looking for someone to chat with and guys looking for relationships. And that's just for starters. This site has a lot of men into all sorts of stuff.

You don't have to pay to start using ManHunt - you just need to be over 18 and create a profile. Once you have your free membership and confirm your email, you're in. I found a friendly, helpful note in my inbox from the ManHunt Service Man that told me all about the features of the site and where to find some things. The email didn't try and sell me a paid membership (kudos to ManHunt for that!). And then I started checking out the other members.

To start with, free members can do a search, check out the board, or in the Men Online section, you can browse the guys who are online right then, the newest members or all the members. Or head to search to find guys who fit your criteria. Free members can search by things like age range, height, eye color, build, ethnicity and hair color and style. Also you can look for cut or uncut cocks, HIV status, cock length and width and what guys are into. And you can search by location, keywords, guys who have pics and a couple more things. In fact, I'd say that this is the best search options for free members I've seen in any personals / hook-up site.

Free members can send a wink to other members, send limited numbers of emails, view their inbox, search and browse other members. All in all, there's a lot you can do with a free membership. What do paying members get that free members don't get? Paying members get unlimited message and profile views, they can view full sized pics and access multiple video chat rooms and cams. And despite being one of the bigger personals sites around, the price of a ManHunt membership is half or less of what some of the more corporately owned sites charge.

I didn't run into a lot of issues here. There is a pre-checked offer on the join page when you sign up for a free membership, but if you don't want to take part, you can just untick it. And yes, there are reminders to upgrade your membership and some ads, but honestly I didn't find either of these things as intrusive as they often are on other sites. In fact, I'd say that ManHunt has made my favorite personals sites in many ways.

After spending some time here, my conclusion is ManHunt rocks! I'm not just saying that either. This site offers a good-sized member base, and free members get lots to do - they don't get access to everything, but more than enough to keep you busy browsing profiles and connecting with guys in and out of your area. That being said, free memberships are limited, but the limits are generous, and I had a great time checking out men, sending winks and a few emails. And I was able to read the replies to those emails, too. I'd say that ManHunt offers quite a lot for both free and paying members - lots of men, lots of search options, easy navigation and everything I like to see in a personals / hookup site, and I had a great time there.

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