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Male Wank is a site featuring amateur guys jacking off. It's an older site that we have never reviewed, so we wanted to get inside and have a look around. The guys of Male Wank truly are amateurs, or were when the site filmed them - a few have gone on to become known gay porn performers. The guys appear to be mostly in their twenties and they're a mixture of regular guys. I wouldn't say that any specific type stands out like twinks, jocks, or muscle hunks. They're just average guys you'd find sitting around your local coffee shop; you'll find a mix of slender, athletic and well-defined builds; both hairy and smooth as well as white and brown guys. But all of them horny and wanting to show us what they've got.

Most of the guys here jack their dicks with their hands, but a few use Fleshjacks. I saw a couple who rigged their Fleshlights to fuck-machine-like apparatus to piston on their dicks, giving them some hands-free fun. Most of the guys start off with a bit of an interview so we can get to know them better, and some end their sessions with a clean-up reel filmed in the shower after they blow their wads. There are also a handful of videos where a guy blows the camera man while jacking his own dick.

There are 25 videos on Male Wank and they're only available as clips in Real Media format. The site was produced in 2003, and at that time Real Media was one of the better-known video formats. While still around today, I had to download Real Player so I could watch these videos, but you may already have software on your computer that will play them. If not, downloading Real Player was easy and free.

In order to watch a guy's entire session, you'll need to download five to eight clips per scene, and these play at 320x240 were decent quality. Unfortunately increasing the video size to twice it's original size (an option in Real Player) didn't improve the viewing as the picture became quite fuzzy, and it got worse at full-screen mode. You cannot stream the videos on the site, btw - you must download them.

There's a picture gallery with each episode featuring 75 to 150 screencaps. They're offered in two different sizes - 535x800 and 803x1200 - that can be viewed in thumbnail galleries or downloaded in either of two zip files; there's no slideshow, though. The pics are good quality and take us through the action from start to creamy finish.

Are there any drawbacks? Yes, a few. As mentioned, the site hasn't updated for years and there are small-sized videos only available in Real clips and no streaming video. Also the tour exaggerates slightly the amount of content. Last, there's a pre-checked email offer on the join page - if you don't choose to receive emails, you'll want to untick it.

It's unfortunate that Male Wank didn't continue updating because these amateur guys are the real deal. And the site was a little ahead of its time, filming POV blowjobs before I think we even had a word for the filming style. I also think their mechanized Fleshjacks could have really been a popular feature. But Male Wank gives us 25 videos and no further updates. The good news is that site isn't expensive, so if you like watching amateurs stroke their cocks you might find it worth a look.

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