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Male Vault offers you a huge collection of videos from a number of different brands all owned or managed by Chi Chi LaRue's Channel 1 Releasing like Catalina, Dirk Yates Collection, and All World's Video. And with claims like unlimited viewing, 1000s of scenes and biweekly updates, it sounds like a great deal, so let's check it out.

There are almost 2,700 performers listed on Male Vault, so it's impossible to give you a succinct round-up of the types of men. But the catalog of videos includes pre-condom classics, so that's the mid to late 1980s, to more or less present day and the site features 16 categories like bears, jocks, twinks, muscle, black, Latino, straight, and amateur. Essentially, you'll find almost every type of guy imaginable whether you like them skinny or built, hairy or smooth, younger or older, and hung or not. I did notice lots of men I remember watching like Michael Christopher, Arpad Miklos, Hank Hightower, Adriano Marquez, Alec Powers, Blade Thompson, and every Bo, Buck and Brandon who has every worked in gay porn.

As far as action goes, how does one sum up decades of porn? Male Vault gives you everything from solo jack-offs to sucking and fucking in every conceivable place from bedrooms to bootcamp and from warehouses to parks. And Male Vault categorizes the movies mostly by type of man rather than action, so if you like your men hairy, there are close to 100 movies in their bear category, there are 59 pages of jock movies, several hundred twink videos, 100 or so black male movies and twice that in the Latino category. There's a good number of pre-condom classics (over 300 of them) that take us back to the 80s and almost of the same number of military-theme movies.

While Male Vault is a Channel 1 Releasing site, I didn't see any first-run or brand new releases from the company. These all seem to be older releases, but exactly how old is hard to say because nothing is dated or titled. But by poking around I think most of the content is from the last decade and before.

There are 2,498 videos on the site, but this takes a bit of explaining. There are 119 pages of thumbnails, each leading to a full-length DVD, but not to a particular scene. It works like this: if a DVD has four scenes, there will be four thumbnails that each leads to the same DVD, not an individual scene.

You'll stream the videos in MP4 format in a 640x480 player, although some of the videos may not fit the precise dimensions. The site automatically detects the best of around eight different speeds for your particular set-up, but if you're not happy with the selection, you can change it. The quality varies wildly as some of these movies are 25 years old, but some are less than 10 years old, and the vids were filmed with all kinds of different camera equipment. I found most of the videos were decent quality and watchable, but don't expect pristine picture quality. There is a full-screen mode, but the results will vary greatly depending on the age of the video. There's no downloadable video here and no picture galleries either.

Are there any drawbacks here? Well, the tour is vague enough - claiming 1000s of titles - so that I can't ding them on falsifying numbers, but the way the site is set up with multiple videos leading to the same DVD isn't optimal. The site claims to update biweekly, but this can't be verified because none of the videos are dated. While there are 16 different categories, there's no free-form search. Finally, I find the membership cost a little high considering Male Vault doesn't likely contain many releases from this decade.

The great thing about Male Vault is that it does contain a lot of older content - pre-condom classics they're called - and you'll find over 300 of them here under one roof - many that I loved but had forgotten about. There's a great deal of stuff here that's 10 to 20 years old, which is new if you weren't around to see it the first time around. Keep in mind that Male Vault offers you content from the Channel 1 Releasing family of sites - All Worlds Video, Dirk Yates, Catalina - you won't find content from other studios. Male Vault also has no extras or features, and there's no downloading, but if you enjoy streaming video - and lots of it - there's plenty here to keep your cock happy.

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