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Male Strippers Exposed gives you the chance to experience some real-life male strippers shaking their stuff and getting naked for their enthusiastic audiences. The guys behind this British amateur site have spent a lot of time at strip joints with their cameras, that's for sure. They've got loads of clips of strippers doing what they do best, and they've caught some great acts. There are amateur strippers in here, and great hulking muscle men, even the Chippendales guys make an appearance. Black guys, white guys, Latinos, firemen, cops, and construction workers all get caught on cam, and there are even Asian and midget strippers.

The photographers have gone to a mix of gay and straight shows; there are clips of male strippers at bachelorette parties, gay night clubs, cabaret venues, and birthday parties. There are even some videos from TV shows where guys have gone all the way. There's a lot of variety in the atmosphere to the videos; some wild night clubs with CFNM action going on, screaming girls, loud guys, and some backstage videos, too, with some clips from shows around the world. It's mainly amateur footage in that it's shot from the audience as it happens; none of it is staged for the site unless they arranged a specific photo shoot backstage. So what you get is raw and sometimes rough footage that's always honest and puts you in the audience to watch these hot hunks teasing, shaking their booties and taking their stuff off on stage.

At the time of this review Male Strippers Exposed offered 2,385 videos and a new video is added every day. The earliest date on a video was from 2002, so the quality is going to vary, and the movies are all presented in Flash format. The streams start straight away and you have one download option. The dimensions of the videos vary greatly as do the screen sizes; some are normal video dimensions, others are narrow and upright as if shot with a cell phone being held upright, and others are square; some looked fine at full screen while others did not. But all were watchable and had natural sound. Runtimes vary, too, from a few seconds to over 30 minutes, but shorter videos are the norm.

The videos are hand-held shoot and filmed from the audience most of the time. The clubs are often dark, there's sometimes dry ice around and bright lighting or flashing lights, so the visuals are not always perfect. But then they are natural moments caught on cam, so you have to expect that. You've got the use of a good Browse page where the movies are arranged in categories, and these let you sort the videos by location, costume or theme of the clips, and you can also also separate gay from straight content. Some of the videos carry watermarks for other sites (I saw a Fervecao.com watermark, a Portuguese gay site, for example) but I reckon most of the videos are exclusive.

Male Strippers Exposed also carries 415 galleries with an average of around 35 pics per set, though numbers vary. You can find these from the handy Browse page as well as the Images main area. Image sizes vary - I found 690x490 for some and 474x638 for others, and there are other sizes shown, too; it varies per set. You've got basic viewing options here, a thumbnail page shows the set and you click one for the full sized images and browse through from there. There are no zip files or downloads. The images are varied quality, some are very good, while others are not so great.

Many of the videos come with screencaps (though there are some years' worth of content without any), and these, too, are various sizes. Some don't look too good; they are sized at 272x480 but are scaled up to 600x1059, for example, which results in blurring; others are simply shot in dark clubs and hard to see. But they do give you a good idea of the action for the corresponding video.

As an extra, Male Strippers Exposed members get access to Straight Lads Exposed, another site from the same folks that features real amateur guys and boasts over 23,688 videos and over 100,000 images. These are mainly self-shot videos they've found from all over the place with some TV flashes and clips from shows where amateur lads expose or get exposed. It's good fun and a nice bonus.

There are a few issues with the site, but you have to remember it's amateur-run - at least, that's the impression I got. The quality of the videos sometimes leaves a lot to be desired and full-screen viewing is not always a good option. The same goes for the screencaps and some galleries. Navigation is basic, though there is that handy Browse page and a search box. The site suffered some kind of server crash early in 2015 and it looks like some screencap galleries might have been lost, but overall it appears everything else is back in place. Note that the sign-up price for me was in UK Sterling, but it also showed in U.S. dollars or euros (depending on your location) according to the current conversion rate.

Male Strippers Exposed strikes me as being run by enthusiastic amateurs who love male strippers and like sharing their clips they shot in clubs all over. Okay, so the quality is not always tip top - in fact, it's sometimes anything but - and the images can be small and blurred, but there are also some decent clips and pics to grab and keep. Your sign up price is pretty reasonable, and there's an update added every day. The site is fresh, simple and above all honest, and comes with a good bonus site, too. So, if you want to stock up on male stripper videos, catch some of the hunky guys and sexy action from professional strippers, and have a bit of voyeuristic fun along the way, why not expose yourself to some exposed male strippers?

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