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Male Physical features exclusive videos featuring men getting medical checkups. The tour isn't much of a tour, but it does have a video trailer that gives a very good idea of the action, the video format, and quality found inside the members area. A military man is examined by a doctor in a white coat who takes his blood pressure, temperature and other vitals before checking his cock and balls and giving him a rectal exam. The patient ends up masturbating for the doc, which is a nice touch. It's been five years since we last reviewed Male Physical, so let's see what's been happening.

The men on Male Physical are a mixed bag ranging from their early twenties to mid-forties. There are constructions workers, business men, a couple of soldiers, a mechanic and some college students. They're all in decent shape, some more fit and well defined than others, and there are men with furry bodies and others who are smooth. The guys are British, so you can expect uncut cocks.

Each man presents himself to the "doctor" and they chat in the exam room about what brings them in. The doctor takes a medical history and the basics like height, weight, and blood pressure appear on the patient's medical history page on the site. As well, there's a fairly lengthy section called Genito-urinary which describes the patient's penis and details the doctor's notes regarding prostate exams and sperm collection.

The exams are thorough and progress slowly in a believable examination room. The patient's temperature and blood pressure are taken before the doctor begins touching, poking and prodding every inch of his patient's body. He pays particular attention to the man's cock and balls but only after a full exam. The final part of the exam involves the doctor doing a sperm collection, which is medical code for "I'm going to give you a handjob," although some of the patients do jack themselves off. And just to keep things real, the doctor does indeed scoop up a sperm sample off the patient's belly with a cotton swab.

Joe Smith is a construction worker who was 40 years old at the time of his exam. He's in good shape and keeps fit on the job, but goes to the gym, too. He came to see the doctor after he had a minor injury at work. Poor Joe was rock hard the moment he disrobed and his erection never disappeared; in fact, in his report the doctor wrote: "He had a very firm erection and maintained it well, his penis is uncut and had a good foreskin which was loose and does not obstruct the penis head." Even after Joe has cum for the doctor, there's no sign his hard-on is going away.

There are 15 videos in the Male Physical members area, and these are offered in MP4 format in a streaming player that displays them at 576x320. They're full scenes and play well, although you do have to wait for the entire video to load in the player before you can jump ahead. These are full scenes and you can watch them at their original size or use the full-screen option, but there is a noticeable difference in picture quality when the vids are enlarged; they're still watchable but a bit fuzzy. The videos are not offered for download, and there are no picture galleries here.

Does this site have issues? The tour claims "exclusive content is added monthly," but it also says it was "Updated 07/01/2014." We last reviewed the site in 2011 and there hadn't been much in the way of updates, and I'm afraid they've only added one video since then in 2014. As well, the last video added is quite a bit smaller than the others. The home button sometimes links back to the tour and at other times to a member homepage providing a link to the patient files. And, as I mentioned, the videos are not downloadable and you'll need to let them load completely to fast forward. Last, there's a pop-up on the tour, but it's easy to close.

What I liked about Male Physical are the realistic exams; the doctor takes his time doing all the things doctors do when conducting a physicals. So if you're into seeing a lot more medical stuff rather than just a physician jacking off his patient, you'll like these. And the model profiles are featured as medical records, which is a nice touch. Unfortunately this site has only 15 videos; it hasn't updated in almost two years and only once in the last five. But if you want to enjoy this small collection of medical fetish videos, it's not expensive to join.

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