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Making You Gay gives you the chance to be totally humiliated by slinky online dominatrixes, as it's all about male humiliation at this femdom site. The ladies here are British and American, they lie back in their lingerie and talk dirty at you, telling you what you're going to have to do to please them, and you know what you're going to have to do? Yup, you're going to have to suck cock and act like a dirty gay boy. You go one on one with talk-nasty girls in solo dominatrix scenes where the mistress instructs you. There are some bisexual and strap-on scenes where the guys are 20-something, smooth and well put together amateurs. When guys do appear they are good looking and fit. They are a mix of white, Latino and ebony, and they all know how to do as they are told.

The poor males - including you, the viewer - suffer all kinds of humiliation at the hands and words of these powerful women. Most videos show you the woman laid back on her couch talking at you (hot for those who like verbal abuse from females), and some involve dildos or strap-on action - when there's sex the guy is the sub. There are one or two MMF bisexual videos, too. These are the kind of ladies you do not want to argue with or talk back to - or maybe you do if you deserve the lash of their tongue. That being said, some sound more dominant than others.

Making You Gay offers 93 movies, the most recent one having been added toward the end of 2014 (it's now late May, 2015), so it appears the site no longer updates. Video downloads are available in MP4 format at 1280x720 plus a couple smaller MP4 files that should play for most mobiles; there is also a 3GP file available for those on older mobiles. The videos can also be streamed in HD at 1280x720, and these usually look decent at full screen, although a few lost a noticeable. Video quality is mixed amateur with reasonable sound and lighting. These are non-exclusive movies, they are also shared around the network of sites, and watermarked. The movies run for between three and 20 minutes each.

Each video has a photo gallery beneath it with, on average, 16 to 20 screencaps at 1280x720 - when there is an action scene there may be more images, and when the video is one dominatrix talking to camera, there are 16 images of her, and they are all pretty similar. You need to open the pics one at a time as there are no slideshows, navigation tools or zip file downloads. The image quality is usually fairly decent, although some pics can appear slightly blurred. There are also three separate galleries with up to 200 pics at 1664x2496 which are a pretty good quality.

Your membership also gives you access to the rest of the Femdom Craze network - you'll find a page listing the sites in your main menu. There are 11 bonus sites, and they are all on femdom or fetish themes with plenty of male humiliation to keep you at heel. The titles give you a very clear idea of what to expect: Ball Busting POV, Small Penis Humiliators and Fem Humiliation, for example. These bonus sites open in the same window, some share content and most have not updated for several months.

As an additional bonus you have access to a large non-exclusive plugin with, it says, over 11,500 scenes. These can be filtered in categories which include Female Dom, they are decent quality and easy to stream and download, though viewing options are limited. They do give your value for money a much needed boost.

Making You Gay shares its looks and design with every other site in the network, which does mean the sites have less personality but is also easy to use, and it also shares some issues with those sites. There is a pre-checked offer on the sign-up page to watch out for, and membership is a bit on the pricy side. Once inside the members' area you will see up-sell links to a cam and chat site, and cam links are mixed in with the content on the index pages, looking like pieces of content. There's no model index or info and only the most basic search function.

I have to admit that I didn't know what to expect from Making You Gay but soon figured out that it's all about good looking women talking nasty to you, humiliating you and putting you down. And a very good job they make of it, too. The site offers 93 videos that you can stream, download or watch on your mobile; alas, the site no longer updates. There's very little hardcore here - the majority of scenes are solo girls and their verbal humiliation, but there is some naked male flesh being bullied and beaten in other sites that you can access. If you've got some cash to spare and want to be treated roughly (in a strictly online fantasy sort of way) then you could do worse than bow down before these sexy and domineering women.

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