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Making Gay Porn started out as a way to let Hot Desert Knights fans and members behind the scenes at their porn shoots. The site also offered articles about shooting porn, as I recall by HDK director and star Ray Butler. These days, things have changed, but you can still find the core videos and picture sets at Making Gay Porn, as well as some of the classic HDK stars including Will West, Steve Hurley, Steve Parker and Jeff Palmer. Many of the performers here are masculine, muscular and buff, some bearded and hairy, although some are European jocks with uncut cocks but less muscle who lack the sex pig feel of the original stars.

Not only do the videos here show all the action - bareback fucking, fisting, sucking, jacking off - but the older ones let you see and hear the director and camera man working with the performers. We get to find out what REALLY happens on the set when the studio makes gay videos. We see the camera man as he lit up those closeups of cocks pounding asses, and get to watch and hear the director - often Hot Desert Knights star Ray Butler - as he told the performers what do to, how to pose and how to act. The more recently produced videos don't really have that behind-the-scenes thing going on, though, but there's plenty of raw fucking and these are the extended versions of the original releases.

Making Gay Porn offers 274 video updates. The newer videos are offered in three sizes of MP4, the largest sized at 1280x720 and the smallest good for most mobiles. These are good amateur quality with no real issues. The older videos are offered in WMV format at 640x480 at average to fairly good amateur quality plus a smaller MP4 for mobiles. All the video updates are downloadable, and they can also be streamed if you prefer. A couple things you'll want to know is that many of the videos are only half or a third of a full scene, and some of the oldest videos aren't exactly videos at all - they're photo slideshows in a video format.

There are also 131 picture sets. Most of these are digital stills shown at fairly good amateur quality and sized at either 1000x1500 or 1125x1500, depending on the set. Like the recent productions, the recently produced pic sets don't really show behind the scenes stuff, but rather focus on hardcore barebacking action plus some posing.

Making Gay Porn is part of the HDK Central network, so members get access to two bonus sites with Hot Desert Knights content - HDKRaw with 504 videos and HDKFisting with 166. HDKRaw hasn't updated in about a month and a half, and HDKFisting in about six months, but there's still enough content here along with the Making Gay Porn videos to keep members pretty busy for a while. For those who have been members for at least three months, there are also 10 gay feeds and a collection of 12 gay porn DVDs that update monthly.

Now let's take a look at some issues. As already mentioned, the site no longer updates, and only members whose memberships have recurred for 3 months or more can access the video feeds and DVDs. Some of the oldest videos are photo slideshows captured on video. Something I found disappointing was that the newer productions don't actually show the studio making gay porn - they're barebacking videos and they're extended versions compared to the original releases, which isn't a bad thing, but the site's theme is all about being behind-the-scenes at Hot Desert Knights porn shoots. Last, and not surprising, the oldest videos are lower in quality and smaller in size than the newer ones.

Making Gay Porn delivers some of the hottest masculine men (including plenty of leather men and muscle daddies) from the classic days of Hot Desert Knights, as well as videos featuring uncut Euro jocks. You'll find barebacking, fisting, sucking and plenty of loads of cum, not to mention behind-the-scenes videos of world-famous porn stars working with the director and the crew. There are 274 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, each a full or part of a full scene, and there are also 131 photo sets. While the site no longer updates, there's plenty of extra videos from two additional sites with Hot Desert Knights. Despite the issues, there's a lot to see here that I'd say still make Making Gay Porn worth checking out if you're a fan of Hot Desert Knights or just into bareback sex.

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