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Luxporn describes itself as FUTUREROTICA, which - if it doesn't - should signal that something different is waiting inside. And indeed, this isn't your regular porn site. The site's owner and videographer Varick Braden makes artistic films that include nudity and sex, but he focuses on presenting them in a stylish, unconventional way.

Luxporn uses 12 different guys on the site, and a few of them appear in multiple videos. They're a mixed bag of 20-something-year-olds, some with athletic bodies, others with quite regular and average bodies. They're mostly clean-shaven and smooth, although a couple have a bit of face scruff or bits of hair on their chest and bellies, and I saw lots of bushy, untrimmed pubes.

Some of the guys jack off, like Thomas in a video called "Ice" from the three-part series called "Drugs," which incidentally has nothing to do with guys being high on drugs. I guess it's symbolic or a metaphor - yes, it's that kind of video. Thomas is good looking with an average body and the director asks him questions in English and Thomas replies in French (subtitles provide us with the translation); then he strips and strokes his ordinary uncut penis, which becomes hugely and unnaturally fat, and he cums on his belly.

In "Crack," Max and Logan start off in their clothes while the videographer and photographer each work their cameras. Max and Logan strip, sit together naked, and pose in tangled positions, then they wrap themselves in 69 position and suck each other. Logan rims Max for a long time, then bends him over a metal construction horse and fucks him. Afterwards, they stand and jack off together and shoot their loads on the floor.

The third video in this series is a two-part session called "Opium" which features two handsome guys playing with a woman. Max and Ryan kiss and caress Alyssa as they undress her and each other. They tangle on the bed in a full-on threeway with the guys not only paying attention to Alyssa's pussy and breasts, but they suck each other's cocks and rim and finger their butt holes. The guys screw Alyssa, and one of the guys gets fucked with a dildo. The video starts off crisp and clear, but the picture quality gets fuzzy complimenting the notion that sexuality and the lines between gay and straight isn't always clear, which seemed a bit contrived to me. In the end, the guys spit roast the girl and cum on her.

There are 10 movies in the "Colors" series (one is a two-part video), and one called "Purpura" has nothing purple in it. A man wearing a balaclava rips the clothes off a blindfolded man. The aggressor rubs his captive's body and when the guy is naked, the captor shaves his pubes with a pair of clippers, then shaves the guy's butt before sticking two fingers in his asshole. With his hands tied over his head, the guy gets his cock sucked, then jacked until he cums for the masked man.

"Vert" (green in French) features a guy named Tyler in a photo shoot; he strips down to his underwear where he's showing a gigantic bulge. It's left to our imaginations for quite some time as he stands in uncomfortable and unnatural poses, then he finally pulls out his massive cock, he lies back on the leather couch and jacks off. Funnily enough, there's more orange than green in this video until Tyler finally moves to the other side of the room and cums beside a green couch.

Altogether there are 22 videos on LuxPorn and they play in streaming Flash with no downloadable versions offered. The videos display at 800x534, and they can be watched in full-screen mode with some quality loss, but they're watchable. The videos aren't dated, so I have no idea if the site is still updating. A 2005 copyright date on the bottom of the site suggest that it isn't. You'll also have to be open minded where picture quality is concerned because the videos aren't always crisp, which is intentional, and they're often displayed with heavy-handed artistic license, like one black and white video that was very overexposed, so much so that we couldn't see much detail of the performers' bodies. But many of the videos looked just fine.

There are 10 picture galleries in the "Colors" series, and they contain both color and black and white digital still or high-quality screencaps. They display at 600x760 in a mix of portrait and landscape orientation. They feature both clothed and nude men, each from his respective movie. The pictures are all displayed in one long gallery on the same page, just rows and rows of thumbnails. You can't save them and there's no slideshow or downloadable zip file.

My biggest complaint about the site is the music that accompanies the videos. It's a mix of what I'd call groove house, techno jazz and off-beat instrumental music, and most of the time it's all we hear playing over the performer's voice tracks. I'd rather hear the guys breathing and moaning.

There's a Personals section, which is blank with "coming soon" in the middle of the page. There's a Sharerotica section where you can email one of 15 photos to a friend and can add a personalized greeting. When the email arrives, it says "click on the link to view photo" but the link is not clickable, so you have to paste it in your browser. There is a blog, but it hasn't update since 2010 with a post about the "Drugs" series, so I'm fairly certain that LuxPorn hasn't updated since then.

The Featured Artist section has bios from three artists - Attila Richard Lukacs, Bruce Labruce and Dean Sameshima - but only one artist has pictures with their profile, the other two feature broken images.

If you like experimental erotica and porn with off-beat soundtracks, you might like LuxPorn. Sometimes I didn't get what the videographer was trying to do and the overbearing music, which seemed to be the most important part of these videos, killed any sexual energy or mood I might have had. Too bad, because I liked most of the guys on the site and enjoyed seeing their naked bodies and watching what they were doing. If you like traditional porn, this site may not be the one for you, but if you're up for something different and sometimes just plain weird, you might want to give LuxPorn a look.

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